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7/03/2004 10:00am,
I did a quick search for this guy and found nothing, so hopefully this is a new topic. Richard Ray and his amazing shoot defense.


For the entire hilarious catalog.

Look for these two gems
No shoot for you!

How to stop ANY boxer, complete with Beatles music!

The worst thing is this guy claims to have experience in Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ, surrrrrrre he does.

7/03/2004 10:39am,
Tyler, I get 404's when I use those links.

7/03/2004 10:40am,
All of them? Even just the base site?

Hmm I see, I will edit the above topic, apparently you have to go through the second link and click the video's from there.

7/03/2004 11:06am,
The slo-mo shoot defense was priceless

7/03/2004 11:38am,
Wow, that guy just can't seem to keep his contact in his eye!


7/03/2004 12:10pm,
Lot of ninja crap, funny vids though.

7/03/2004 12:32pm,
I finally found the shoot vid. For those who can't find it, go to Tyler's second link.

I could only watch half of the shoot video. Ack! You see, THIS is why you need someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO SHOOT when you try to teach shoot defense. Who the heck shoots from 10 feet away... and who the heck AIMS for the leg?? Damn, people, if you're going to teach a defense to something LEARN HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK!!!

"Seispar" - "Ok, Mark. You go ahead and do whatever the heck you want." Yeah, Mark, like why don't you try using a JAB like a REAL boxer would do? Or how about showing some HEAD MOVEMENT... like a REAL boxer would do? Oh... that's right... You AREN'T a real boxer. So my quesion is, "How can you teach defenses against boxing when nobody there KNOWS HOW TO BOX?!??"

7/03/2004 12:34pm,
And I loved the counter. If you watched the slo-mo, he was throwing the counter punch before the other guy was punching.

And I'd love to see him use that stance/counterpunch on anything like a competent kickboxer. Talk about KTFO.

7/03/2004 12:52pm,
Knife1 - Ok... I actually have to give it up for this guy on this video. I don't like that he said to defend with his palms outward, though, because you definately don't want the tendons that help you close your hand to get cut. I think it's better to keep the backs of your forarms outwars. That being said, this guy did make some good points.

He said that you should expect to get cut in a knife fight... but you have to keep going... what other choice do you have? That's good advice. In one of his demonstrations, he even shows and said that he, himself, would have just gotten cut if it were a real knife... but he'd have to keep going.

He also said that the way some people work with slashing and lunging techniques are unrealistic - a real attacker isn't going to leave the knife out there.

He emphasized controlling the knife hand. That's good. When he took the guy down, he even said to not worry about getting a wrist lock - you probably won't get it anyway - just kick the guy in the face, break the arm, etc. I agree with these points.

The instructor also said, "Will this work 100%? Nothing works 100%." (of the time)

So... I'm willing to give this guy a *little* more lattitude until I know more about him... maybe see some more videos. I DEFNATELY think he needs to bring in real grapplers and real boxers, though.... and get rid of that "we encourage visitors to call first" crap.

7/03/2004 1:01pm,
LOL @ some of those vids.

I think the student in the shoot defence vid actually had the shoot already if he'd just grabbed the leg because he could grab it despite of the defence.

But hey guys, this guy is an expert, he knows BJJ and boxing:

"Ray Sensei has studied many of the worlds martial traditions in depth, including but not limited to the following:

Jeet Kune Do


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Hung Gar Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu

Yang Tai Chi

Muay Thai

Western Boxing

as well as others..."

7/03/2004 1:02pm,
It's a little odd people cannot watch a class. Maybe they teach secrets that are too deadly for public viewing?

7/03/2004 1:06pm,
Maybe they're afraid to be laughed at...

7/03/2004 2:06pm,
Those students do have bad boxing and shoot form. But then, they are white belts and kyu grades. And I think those videos you linked are intended for members of a private forum; they are not a public advertisement, they are simply meant (I assume) to express some notes.

And Rick DOES have some good things to say and is very level-headed. He encourages sparring and is highly critical of the training methods witnessed at most Bujinkan schools (note his "rant" at the end of the first knife defense video). He addresses how live resistance works into the techniques, and seems open minded enough to seek out how this art really functions. I'm curious as to some more pervasive examples of why all his stuff is as useless as a couple of you imply.

7/03/2004 2:26pm,
You are kidding right? Anyone who thinks that defense will work against a shoot has never even seen a wrestler going for a single or double leg. And he leaves his head WIDE open in the "boxing" defense. He tries to pretend that bringing his hand from his hip outward with his arm extended is a good defense? If you want to know why both of those are useless just try them sometime at full speed.

Anyone with ANY BJJ background would know better than to try and stop a shoot with a quasi stiff arm and back step. Ever see a wrestler use that? There is probably a reason why not.

And if that is bullshido, then the rest of it probably is too.

7/03/2004 3:33pm,
Internet Ninja of the year 2004

7/03/2004 4:42pm,
No I'm not kidding, actually. It is a crappy shoot, I gave you that, which gives the technique little weight.

The other example however, while hardly model boxing form on the student's behalf, is showing a particular aspect of kurai dori—adopting your posture and angling between you and your opponent/s as you enter fighting range. The head is deliberately meant to appear open (he directly stated this), but footwork is used to keep it just out of range, while placing your lead arm in striking distance of the opponent. It is a fake opening. You saying you never try to sucker someone into an attack?

Any case, that's ALL he was showing in that video. It was not free sparring, he was trying to illustrate a specific detail using a particular kind of posturing for example.