View Full Version : Off to Brazil tomorrow...

7/03/2004 9:32am,
Only one more sleep in freezing cold Melbourne, before jetting off to sunny Rio for a month of training at Gracie Barra with some of the best in the world and competing in the Mundials.

I'll post reports of what's up over there if I get the time, or, more likely, write an article once I get back.

7/03/2004 8:00pm,
Have fun. I was hoping to see you there but now I'm sidedlined. Please harrass Carlos in my absence.:D

7/03/2004 8:28pm,
freezing cold melbourne... hahahah

good luck dude :)

7/03/2004 10:04pm,
Good luck Dude! Becareful too in Brazil.

7/04/2004 12:28am,
g/l at tourney.

7/04/2004 3:49am,
Awesome. Enjoy Brazil. Good luck at the Mundials.

7/04/2004 3:51am,
alright safe journey

7/04/2004 1:51pm,
Originally posted by Asia
Have fun. I was hoping to see you there but now I'm sidedlined.

Sorry to hear about that. I heard about your car crash and injuries over on Cyberkwoon. Hope you get well soon...

Please harrass Carlos in my absence.:D

Now why would I do such a thing when I have a 73kg sneaky fucker and technical questioning machine nicknamed Polecat at my disposal? He'll do a much better job than you or I ever could, being the evil technical scientist that he is!!!

Anyhow, guys, I'm currently counting down the hours (currently 1h 45mins till I go to the airport), and I'm not-so-eagerly anticipating the 20 hours from Sydney to Santiago, followed by a five or six hour flight to Brazil. I have a feeling that after this flight, I'm going to be cranky enough to guillotine whoever stated that "Getting there is half the fun."

Ah well. I have two choices of oblivion:
1. Sleeping pills
2. Alcohol (Free, lots of free piss!!! and at altitude!!!)

We shall see...

Thanks for all your good wishes.

I'll write as soon as I can


7/04/2004 1:56pm,
Some guys from my school will be going to that tournament as well.

Have fun and don't get hurt!

7/04/2004 9:57pm,
definatley the free piss and altitude option. be true to your occer nature! careful though, just enough to put you to sleep, otherwise you'll be up all the whole time slamming them saying "man I don't feel that drunk" when in reality and as you'll find out when you get back down, you really are. :) not half as much fun as it sounds.

Darting Fingers
7/04/2004 11:12pm,
Good luck NS, do the Aussies proud.

7/05/2004 9:44am,
I have some going from my school as well. Look out for Cassio Werneck and Marcos Terragosa, they are very, very good. Good luck to you too bro, hope you have fun.

7/05/2004 8:14pm,
pay attention when using a taxi in rio

Guy Mendiola
7/06/2004 3:45am,
Man, I wish I could go to Brazil, You know check out some of them Brazilian chicks on the beach.