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7/03/2004 9:16am,
OK, did a 'multiple attacker' search on google and found this website: www.bushidoknights.com/index.htm

There seems to be a SHITELOAD of testimonials from all sorts of people (US marshals, homeland security, etc).

Just interested to see if anybody has attended/heard of this school?? Would like to know what the place is like. Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I did a search on Bullshido and found nada...

7/03/2004 9:34am,
where to begin?

if they were that good
1-they would prob have at least one student who did web design
2-they could pay somone the $30 to set one up

I hate pictures. They look bad on everysite. Almost all of them look foolish.


What exactly is he doing but asking her if she wants a drink


What kind of triangle is that :'(

If you train regularly, we guarantee you will be able to functionally defend yourself within 3 months.

Really? After a year of krav AND bjj i would hesitate to fight unless i absolutely had to. How can you guarentee that. We should find three month old students and then kick their asses. Is the guarentree money back?

I could go on...but it is too much. That said, it may be afine school. At least no worse than most.

7/03/2004 9:36am,

t3h d34dly?!

**** no!

7/03/2004 9:41am,
this is what a high ranking officer in the IDF had to say about my post. Hey i got testimonials

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7/03/2004 9:52am,
ROFL Why is it that there seems to be alot of suspect MA activity in Florida?? It just seems to keep popping back up every time I read a thread about a McDojo...It's a pity I haven't found as many wacky sites in Oz.

El Tejon
7/04/2004 10:06pm,
BeeV, large market with a transitory population, i.e. more opportunity to "hit and run".

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7/04/2004 10:18pm,
where in melbourne do you live

7/04/2004 10:34pm,
There is at least one mcdojo every other mini mall here in FL. At least around my area anyways.

7/04/2004 10:46pm,
Hehe these fake tesimonials and acronyms from the scars thread crack me up...

" Supercrap's amazing S.H.I.T.E. (tm) (Sudden Harm Initiating Terrorism Eliminator) System is totally amazing. It allowed me and my army buddies to kick the crap out of a bunch of terrorists without even thinking twice about it. And I learn it in just 3 nanoseconds without even working up a sweat. S.H.I.T.E. is awesome, and by that I mean deadly. "

- Bill Crandlepreep, Ex - Police Squad Special Forces Trainee NAVY SEAL DELTA FORCE COMMANDO

7/05/2004 7:26am,
ROFL Why is it that there seems to be alot of suspect MA activity in Florida??

Because alot of them are out to con people out of there money.I have seen a couple of scam artist which I have stated before in previous threads.Its true what Stold says there is a lot of mcdojo around there is at least six in a 3mile radius from my house.

Te No Kage!
7/05/2004 9:43am,
I don't like the fact that they have all that merchandise hanging in the dojo, if they actually fight then it might not be that bad, but without any info on how they train it looks like RBSD to me.

BeeVaEeTa: in case you were wondering what the "secret" to multiple attackers is.......

1) attack first
2) stay on your feet
3) take your first opportunity to escape

and this is only if you can't get away, so you can either try to defend yourself or get beat down, but only people with a glutton for punishment go looking for trouble

7/05/2004 9:56am,
Originally posted by Te No Kage!

in case you were wondering what the "secret" to multiple attackers is.......

1) attack first
2) stay on your feet
3) take your first opportunity to escape

We do some multiple attacker training at MT (2 attackers holding kick shields), and some other drills at the MMA place where we stand in the middle of 4 guys holding kick shields. We also do another one where up to 8 guys walk around you and randomly walk toward you with an open palm. These are novice/beginner drills, though.

Makes you realise exactly how quickly you're farked, either by gassing from taking on multiple targets, or getting KTFO on yer blindside...

Te No Kage!
7/05/2004 10:18am,
yep, makes me wary of systems that advocate taking on multiple attackers, a lot of non-MA common sense goes a long way

OC Kid
7/05/2004 8:28pm,
check out this mcdojo

7/05/2004 9:15pm,
With all those shirts and that slam man in the back, looks like a Tae Bo laundromat. Wish I had one of those around here.

7/05/2004 9:35pm,
Originally posted by OC Kid
check out this mcdojo

To maximize the quality of training received by our students, FCMA restricts our total population. FCMA is able to offer individual attention to students, often with class sizes as small as two to six (2-6) students. Our dojo treats each student as a prospective black belt and we dedicate a great deal of time to each student. We can give this kind of attention to our students by maintaining small, intimate class sizes.

Could be a little West Wind to me..how much does 'quality training' cost?

We do not compete in sport karate tournaments

So they don't believe in point sparring, that's a good thing.

Further information regarding possible trial classes, contractual arrangements, and fees for training will be provided via email or telephone to prospective students upon contacting Sensei Patko.

"And the fees will come to a reasonable $800 for 3 months..."