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6/30/2004 4:25pm,
just read the post on bush supporters having low IQ's thought it'd be fun to see if anyone knows theirs. Not many people I know have tested theirs. Mine is 132, how accurate the test was I dunno, but I do have a high grade point average but being in digital media it's more based on creativity than intellect.

6/30/2004 4:26pm,
My opinion on IQ tests is that if you think a standardized test can tell you how intelligent you are, you must not be that smart.

6/30/2004 4:28pm,
Iq tests are funny. They change very quickly based on Test-taking skills. My ex-girlfriend took a bunch before and after a GMAT prep-course. Immediatly after the coarse whe was able to consistantly score in th 165-185 range. BTW that is evil-genius smart. Also it was about a 50 point increase in 2 weeks.

6/30/2004 4:34pm,
Yeah I know a girl so dumb it's ridiculous and consistantly gets good test results.

McDojo Artist
6/30/2004 4:44pm,
yeah in Sweden some reality show bimbos(two of them I think) was bragging about them being able to get high enough scores to apply for membership in MENSA

Mr. Mantis
6/30/2004 6:51pm,
Are you talking Stanford-Binet? WAIS III? WISC? Crackerjack box?

It would be interesting to compare MAT scores, see your command of your language and cognitive process. Much more interesting than some aptitude score, eh?

6/30/2004 7:32pm,
JKDChick used to constantly brag about her high IQ.

I dont know what mine is. I'm sure its pretty average but it doesnt matter.
My younger bro recently tested into MENSA and he works as a machinist for $10/hr

Te No Kage!
6/30/2004 10:19pm,
MENSA is for people with low self esteem.......

The two times I took the IQ test I got two different scores, I think heavy drinking affected my intelligence...... first time 165 second time years later 144, but I do have a smarter ass now

6/30/2004 11:11pm,
I know it's higher than the score of people who type "your" as "ur".

6/30/2004 11:39pm,
Last time I took an IQ test (quite a while back)... the upper limit of the test was 170, and I scored off the chart. So all I can tell you is that it's somewhere over 170.

6/30/2004 11:48pm,
The IQ scale breaks down at the high end. That wouldn't surprise me.

7/01/2004 12:36am,
I've scored anywhere from 100 to 150 (usually around 125)... I don't think I'm dumb, or smart. Just a comfortable medium. Plus, I don't like IQ tests... Stupid people get high score because they have a good memory (remembering useless facts from school). It's how you apply these facts in life that makes you smart.

7/01/2004 1:32am,
i almost always scored in genius range, i also hit the 99th percentile on standardized tests all the time, and never failed a test in a class, even if i didn't study, in some cases i would take tests in classes i wasn't taking and ace them. so either i am really really smart, or i test well. it's a toss up

7/01/2004 3:19am,
In IQ tests I get about 130, on the SAt tests I tested very high in language skills, but not so hot in math.

I recently took an aptitude test which said I was a mechanical genius... I don't even like working on machines. I also tested very high in "spacial reaoning", and I don't even know what the hell I can do with that.

So I don't care either way, I'm opening my own MMA school and that is all I want out of life.

7/01/2004 3:28am,
It doesn't matter what your IQ is, its still lower than The Wastrels...

7/01/2004 5:35am,
Originally posted by Shumagorath
I know it's higher than the score of people who type "your" as "ur".


I average 146.

IQ doesn't mean **** anyway. Being intelligent and being smart are two different things. Unless your IQ is something like 180+ and you get to be a rocket scientist, it doesn't help you one bit.