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6/30/2004 8:02am,
This is an article on muggers(by Geoff Thompson).Please post any comments or your experience with muggers:

Self Defence - Part Four - The Mugger
As far as I can work out there are four different kinds of mugger:

1) The ‘snatch and run’ mugger, who literally rips your bag/briefcase from your hand and runs away at speed, with some using a pushbike.

2) The blind-side mugger who suddenly appears out of an entrance without any apparent warning.

3) The defiant mugger who attacks without ritual, fear of the law or consequences, usually because you have walked onto his patch.

4) The professional mugger who plans his attacks and uses deception as a ‘way in’.

Environmental awareness is the best way to avoid the first three (keep your eyes peeled), but a thorough understanding of attack ritual is the only real way of avoiding the fourth.

Most muggings are not random acts; there is usually a ritual that precedes attack. The attacker will select his victim, usually someone that is daydreaming or isolated. Often the victim will be stalked seconds, even minutes before attack. Many professional muggers approach their victims before attack and ask a distracting/disarming question such as ‘Have you got the time please’ or ‘I’m lost, can you give me directions’. This is done to engage your brain before attack. It’s a primer. Once engaged the mugger goes to work.

Many muggers prefer to threaten attack - to scare the **** (and your wallet) out of you without resorting to physical violence - rather than actually attacking. From their point of view a ‘wad’ without a fight is preferable to what could become a messy job (even a murder charge) if things go tits up and you fight back.

The false promise:

The mugger will often threaten the victim with attack to frighten them into handing over the booty, frequently underlying the threat with a weapon or an accomplice, or both.

The threats, of course, are married with demands for money/credit cards etc. They often employ the ‘false promise’ to get you to part with your worldly’s, threatening to ‘hurt you’ if you’re not compliant, or not to hurt you in exchange for compliance. Don’t trust them for a second: by the very fact that these people are trying to rob you I’d say that if they open their mouths they’re lying to you.

Of course some muggers do use attack to create compliance while others attack to disable - it’s easier to rifle you pockets when you’re unconscious in a puddle.


Any chance of a physical defence, other than running is unlikely to be effective unless you’re heavily trained in the art of maim, and few are. The concept of ‘blocking’ an assailant’s blows, thumb locking him, throwing him over your shoulder or arm locking him to the ground are only workable in Bruce Lee films, so unless you get attacked on a film set don’t bother. If you think you’re going to be attacked, attack first (this is if you decide that you want to defend yourself). If an attack has already taken place and you are still conscious hit every thing that moves.

Hand concealment

Even the skilled don’t **** with blades. If a knife is produced forget the wrist locks and either: Give them what they ask for (and just hope that it's not a shag) or be prepared to get 'cut' in the affray. Your choice.

6/30/2004 8:07am,
Interesting article I agree with most said, specially with the defense info and being attacked with a knife.

6/30/2004 8:07am,
Muggers and rapists have similar MO's.

6/30/2004 8:10am,
Interesting. For a more detailed and better explanation of pre-incident indicators and avoiding attacks one should read "Protecting the Gift" by Gavin DeBecker (sp?).

The Mad Hatter
6/30/2004 8:40am,
I would say that it is a pretty well founded article. When in Germany, I was almost mugged by a couple of Turks one night. They started by asking for a light, after that, they threatened me ... lucky for me, stupid for them, a couple of German cops rounded the corner at the right moment, and proceded to beat the **** out of them. After they frisked them, they produced a knife from one of the guys back pockets. Like I said, lucky for me German cops don't play.

6/30/2004 9:18am,
Good article. Doesn't paint a pretty picture, but sounds fairly plausible. :(

6/30/2004 10:21am,
Good stuff. This is exactly why the .45 SIG P220 and I are the best of friends!

Don Gwinn
6/30/2004 11:47am,
Upon which we agree, Anthracis (especially on choice of weapon) but I can't carry one loaded here. I keep a Spydie Native on me at all times, though.

6/30/2004 11:49am,
bunch of cowboys

6/30/2004 11:57am,
In Baltimore we only have one type of mugger:

The two hundred fifty pound muscle bound black guy who is flanked by one to two similarly built men who are packing enough heat to take down iraq. All they want is ur money. possibily your girl too (but around here girls are NASTY so probably just ur dough)

6/30/2004 12:39pm,
I'd let them have the money but i'd die for my wife

6/30/2004 12:53pm,
Good sound assessment, DANINJA, especially about the knife issue.

Some reflections:
When asked about his faviorite technique for multiple attackers, RICKSON GRACIE replied "my Sig Sauer 9mm."

Karl Tanswell, SBGI UK, has an excellent knife defense program (STAB). He emphasizes that you will almost certainly get cut ("its a fooking KNIFE FIGHT!")

Best two self defense arts? Muay thai and BJJ?
Try "Be a nice guy" and "run-like-hell-fu".

6/30/2004 2:24pm,
Originally posted by Osiris
Just give him the 20 bucks in your wallet and move on.

6/30/2004 5:00pm,
Hey, Don Gwinn, nice to see a fellow Highroader on here :)

6/30/2004 5:01pm,
Oh and the exact quote is:
FC: What is your favorite multiple-opponent technique?

Rickson: My Sig-Sauer P220 .45 caliber pistol [laughing]. It is the best "technique" in this situation, I believe.

FC: Are you a good shot?

Rickson: Yes.

December 1994, Full Contact


Darting Fingers
6/30/2004 9:50pm,
Funny story, years ago I was leaving a party and these guys not from the party followed me when I left and one of them came up to me with his jumper pulled up over the bottom of his face and demanded money. Funny thing he made some excuse like he needed it to get a cab home or something??? This bloke was about twice the size of me and kinda scary but I stayed calm and said sure no problem all I had was about $4 in change on me and handed it over to him. As I was doing this another bloke from the party walked past and the bloke goes give me ya money to him this other fella starts freakin "Just don't hurt me" and so on takes the cash from his wallet and gives it to the guy standing us over. The bloke then tells him to piss off and turns to me pulls his jumper down, hands me back my $4 and says "Have a good one mate".