View Full Version : It's offical. UFC to Make Reality Show.

6/29/2004 12:38am,
UFC and Spike TV have signed a deal to produce a reality show about MMA fighters to air early next year. 16 fighters will be competing for 4 six figure UFC contracts, one from each weight class welterweight and up.

They will live and train together and be elminated based on training/fighting poorly, getting injured, or quitting.

More info can be found a UFC's website, www.ufc.tv, and the following links.



6/29/2004 3:11am,
Suh-weet. I'm glad I have that channel here in Can uh duh

6/29/2004 4:49am,
What a load of ****.

6/29/2004 4:57am,
That's new, people signing up to get the utter **** beaten out of them. :D

6/29/2004 6:45am,
Will there be a tribal council too? :D

6/29/2004 7:39am,
Worthwhile programming on Spike? Has the world gone mad???

6/29/2004 7:58am,
God I HATE reality shows !!!!!!!!!!

6/29/2004 8:37am,
My feelings on this are ambivalent.

Can't decide if it's MAS or not until I see an episode.

6/29/2004 9:05am,
So what happens? Are they voted for or voted out by the public? It sounds like a ridiculous concept.

Now what would be good is if they got all the top mma fighter in the world and made them sing to become the MMA Idol. I'd watch that! I think Wanderlei is secretly a sinatra style crooner.

Te No Kage!
6/29/2004 9:14am,
I think this sounds pretty cool and entertaining. And by the way, if you want a good laugh, watch the Joe Schmo Show on Spike as well. It's funny ****.

6/29/2004 9:15am,
I figured this wouldn't happen until after Stallone's "The Contender" became a hit.

6/29/2004 1:37pm,
What? spike has the MAN show! you cant go wrong with girls on trampolines

6/29/2004 11:42pm,
What? spike has the MAN show! you cant go wrong with girls on trampolines

Unless it's switched channels I think the Man Show is on Comedy Central.

The way I figure it the show is going to be a lot like WWE's Tough Enough, which I think was really good. Tough Enough was the first show I know of where people were competing for a job. Yeah the fighting wasn't "real", but the training was tough an several people quit either because the could hack it mentally, got physically injured, or just didn't have the talent.

The quality of the show is going to be based on who will be involved. Obviously the talent of the fighters is a big quesiton. I've heard rumors that Ken Shamrock is going to be one of the trainiers. UFC needs this more than boxing does, because it is trying to get mainstream acceptance. I'm sure UFC is going to try real hard not to **** it up.

You know for all the **** people talk around here, I'm surprised not one bullshido member (that I know of) sent in an audition tape. Several people were urging J-Lau to do it, and he seemed interested, but they aren't having any lightweights on the show.

6/30/2004 12:24am,

Let's get Samuel Browning, WingChun Lawyer, and our other various lawyer elites and start a class-action suit.

6/30/2004 8:55am,
I never even heard about this!?! Bah. I'd have gotten my ass handed to me anyway.

Honestly? I suspect this is going to come across badly. It will be viewed in the same light as WWE..."Cool, but SO fake!" Let's face it, WWE is entertaining, but has permanently tainted the combat sport genre. Even a boxing reality show needs "Rocky" to even remotely make it fly. Who is the UFC going to get? Shammy's not enough.