View Full Version : Best price on some mats?

6/26/2004 1:03pm,
I'm looking for some inch and a half mats for home, mostly for grappling, probably won't be doing any throws.

Who's got the best prices? Any suggestions?

The Mad Hatter
6/26/2004 1:33pm,
Maybe check out Ebay? I have serious doubts you are going to be able to find something cheaply without having to check out used ones. Perhaps you can get lucky and ask around at gyms or dojos too. It is possible that if and when they choose to replace their mats you can purchase their old ones at a decent price.

6/26/2004 1:37pm,
Check the Atlanta throwdown thread. THere are some links on there.

6/26/2004 5:55pm,
If you aren't doing throws and inch and a half sounds a bit much. I have the 3/4 inch interlocking type and do take downs, sweeps, and throws on them with no problems.

6/26/2004 5:55pm,
Do a search this topic was brought uo a few week ago.

6/27/2004 1:45pm,
if u hav no luck, type in 'exercise mats' in a search engine and just go down the list. i saw som offers for a set for a good deal.

6/27/2004 10:53pm,
Hey there.

I recommend you try a rubber wholesaler or specialist store like clarkrubber.com.au (for those of you downunder). They have pallets of 20mil think "seconds" (meaning slight air bubble or not cut exactly to size) that are around 2 metre by 1 metre. These go for AUS$20 each and can be easily taped together to give a good training area (at half the price of buying the "jig-saw" style mats).

Sure there are similar stores in the US with similiar priced "seconds".