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6/25/2004 4:00pm,
I am assuming they are all the same thing. Now what exactly do these arts entail and what are the major differences between say submission wrestling or BJJ(gi or giless)?

I am going to check out Ghost shooto school tomorrow morn and I hear some other board members train there so their input would be great. Also, how many shooto, shoot fighting, hook and shoot schools are there in California? Which have the best reputations? I am looking for something to fill in my day time training gaps on weekends.

6/25/2004 4:04pm,
Originally I think Shooto etc, were like "real" Pro Wrestling; ie mostly serious fighting, but with some fake matches/predetermined winners... Nowadays it's probably just like NHB fighting, I don't think they wear gis.

6/25/2004 5:54pm,
Yeah. A "Shoot" was a pro wrestling match that was real. A "hook" was a submission.

6/25/2004 6:03pm,
We train gi less, a lot of it seems like training for NHB, nothing distinct about the style except that they don't use chokes against the windpipe directly, they use indirect ones.

6/25/2004 6:26pm,
Whatchoo mean indirect???!!

6/25/2004 6:30pm,
It means instead of pushing directly on the windpipe, we squeeze on the sides.

6/25/2004 6:33pm,
you go for the blood flow?

6/25/2004 6:33pm,
Yeah..somehow its less 'dangerous'...LMAO!

6/25/2004 6:42pm,
I was under the impression that shoot fighting was MT mixed with submission wrestling. So I would think that they WOULD attack the windpipe directly. You know, **** like clasping the hands together and driving the forearm across the throat. That attacking the sides stuff sounds like judo or BJJ. But I guess not.

Oh and it is less dangerous, blood chokes feel kinda......nice......like you are getting sleepy.
Windpipe chokes just hurt.

6/25/2004 6:54pm,
They feel nice, but you realize what's going on...not nice.

Actually I was under the impression Judo goes straight for the windpipe.

6/25/2004 6:58pm,
I was told by a member of the Judo club I tried out last week that they use both blood and windpipe chokes. I'm pretty sure everyone uses blood chokes.

6/25/2004 7:02pm,
Ok, so now that I have a heads up on shooto i'll go in and give the guys a good roll. What choke should I use to tap ghost out?

6/25/2004 7:06pm,

6/25/2004 7:14pm,

The day you choke me out Xero is the day I give my mom a beating.

Last time we were sparring you were saying things like: "Ghost I'm so scared of all 150 pounds of you!" "stop working out so much your muscles are so huge!"

6/25/2004 7:21pm,
Who is chicken? Me? Ill roll with anyone anytime.

6/25/2004 7:22pm,
Its true, he came over one day and I was 'rolling' with my girlfriend. And she was like "Xero come roll with me"...and he said "SURE!" and then I said "We can all roll at once." and he said. "SURE!"