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6/25/2004 12:48am,
Today I had my last spar before my fight debut Saturday at the House of Champoins in Van Nuys (I don't know why omega thought it was the 6th instead of the 26th). My coach brought in a heavy weight "pro" from another gym. Yes, he was a heavy weight...like Butterbean's Latino cousin....and slow as ****. As for being a "former pro" he must have been with a lot emphasis on "former."

I spent the first round feel it out and trying to set the pace...he keeps saying "don't worry about me" and keeps me on my toes with his jab. About half way through the first round I notice he left his body and head open if I went for right low then high left or vice versa. So I started hitting really hard but ran out gas and blocked and jabbed for the last 20-30 seconds...saving up for round two.

The second round is when things became interesting. I decided to go "Ippo" on his ass because he said not to worry about him with a figure-8 bop and weave with multiple hooks...full weight, hip rotation, torque. He did not like it at first he tried to hold his guard and I keeped hitting his guard because no one can hold guard against multiple full power hooks gaining momentum and speed.

He then did what every human on the planet will do when losing a striking match....he went for the da grapple aka the clinch. I broke the hold easily and continued hitting hard...he clinches against and asked "what was that"? I answered and said "my version of the dempsy roll, idiot." Mean but hey we are fighting.

I start again will even more power but he again goes for the clinch and won't let me break...his arm is slightly overhook...I turm and wizzard him enough get him off and he gets really angry now. He starts screaming about how I can't hurt him. We trade punches and he goes for the clinch and tries to wrestle me into a corner...bad idea...I club, dig and half snap and use that wrestling technique (I forget the name) that drive your arm hard into his coller bone and push him into other corner.

He really mad now and and actually starts punching back (tries to hit me in the groin) and we clinch and continue striking in the clinch and I get start hammering his face he graps and holds my right arm and starts saying "whats your problem?." I still hitting his unguarded face and he doesn't want to let go and he's not even trying to protect his face or box. He starts talking about "I've been doing this for 32 years young man" You can't hurt me with punches like those....you hit like a girl" I'm like "let go of my arm."

The bell rings and he still won't let and he says "go on, hit me with your best shot" I can't because my right is my best so I try my left hook...I hit the padding part of the head on the cheek... continues insults.. I try to hit chin with the left I hit the cheek again...I getting mad his hold is preventing hip rotation... so I go the nerve under the ear but he move and I miss. He has enough and lets go but still continues his lecture about "you don't go into a ring with a pro and try to prove something....either to yourself or anyone else...this ring is about learning"

After I leave the ring he starts talking about how "absolutely nothing I can do can hurt him" ( I like to see how he does against my RNC...armbar...kimura..etc). Then he quits and complains about getting hit; I continue with the rest of the class.

6/25/2004 1:03am,
In a way he's being a jackass but from your story it does seem like you dished out whatever you could and really didn't hurt him. Also seems like he was over the hill and out of shape.

If you learned something from the session thats what counts right? Not sure whether the guy wanted to stress technique or just brawl?

6/25/2004 1:04am,
I learned 5 things during this sparring practice. 1. When people get into trouble in striking they will go for "da grapple." 2. The vargus (sp) nerve pressure point striking isnt worth a crap unless you are really really really precise. So Kungfoolss can kiss my SCARS testing ass.
3. Fat incompetent "pros" are assholes and wimps. 4. I'm going to plow though my opponent Saturday...I will put the fear of Mantis Shrimp Kung Fu into into him and make sorry that he was even born the poor pathetic unlucky bastard. 5. Omega's calisthenics program rocks!

6/25/2004 2:37am,
Sounds like he succesfully smack-talked you.

6/25/2004 5:11am,
He made you come to an internet message board and post a rant. He probably forgot all about you 5 minutes after he left the gym.

6/25/2004 5:36am,
The "real" Jack Hanma would never whine so much.

Do like Jack would next time and bite his face off!!!

6/25/2004 6:12am,
Maybe it's like boxers when they take a hard shot - they smile/laugh/goad. He obviously wanted to recapture his former 'glory' and teach you a thing or two, and ended up getting owned technically, if not physically.

The next time someone tells you to give it all you've got, don't compromise. Get your arm back and then teach him a lesson.

Billy Havoc
6/25/2004 6:41am,
the next time somebody tells you to use your best shot, kicks his balls

Matt W.
6/25/2004 7:04am,
What did your coach/trainer have to say about all this?


6/25/2004 7:45am,
Originally posted by Matt W.
What did your coach/trainer have to say about all this?


I'd like to know that myself.

6/25/2004 9:05am,
Maybe he's kinda like me. I tend towards nervous laughter and I definately channel that in the ring. Usually the harder someone hits me the more I start giggling. It pisses a lot of people off but also makes them gas and get sloppy.

6/25/2004 11:32am,
was his name john ruiz?

6/25/2004 7:14pm,
Originally posted by Omar
The "real" Jack Hanma would never whine so much.

Do like Jack would next time and bite his face off!!!

Whining? I was goating. Say something like again and I will bite your face off at the next McThrowdown.

My coach hasn't said anything yet and I'm focusing on my match right.

Don Gwinn
6/25/2004 7:52pm,
You were definitely unprofessional, but are you a pro?

In YOUR account of things, you were the one being insulting and trying to have an all-out fight instead of a sparring session.

And what is "goating?" Does it involve real goats?

Seriously, I don't see what you had to gloat about in that story.

6/25/2004 8:27pm,
Originally posted by Don Gwinn

And what is "goating?" Does it involve real goats?

I think our man Jack here was a Greek shepard in a former life. . . .

Actually though, I was thinking about that story yesterday and . . . you might me right. Without seeing it it's hard to tell but your not supposed to kill your sparring partners. Only the bad guys in movies do that. Then they gloat. Then they ask for "fresh meat" and complain that there's no one worthy of entering the ring with them.


I honestly wish I could throw down at the next McThrowdown but so far I haven't seen any happen here in China. I'll be in LA in the summer of 2005 most likely. ;)

Don Gwinn
6/25/2004 8:57pm,
Well, whatever, I wish ya luck. By all means, stay focused and tell us how it goes.