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6/22/2004 8:59pm,
Before visiting bullshido i had no idea that so many martial arts were frauds...and for someone with very limited MA experience, how can i be confident i am training in an art that will be useful in a real situation?
btw i had taken (a more traditional) taekwondo for 1-2 yrs but found its maybe over reliance on kicks was fairly useless(although that may have just been this school).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

p.s nice site

Deadpan Scientist
6/22/2004 9:05pm,
If you train against resisting opponents, you'll quickly find out if something works or not,

6/22/2004 9:45pm,
Everyone here has an opinion on what works or not, but brandeissansoo's advice is dead on...try **** against people who don't dummy for you to see if it really works. My preference runs towards the FMAs, but I've met a few bullshidoists sullying the good name of the FMAs as well. This site is a great place to get advice on schools, styles, individuals...use it.

6/22/2004 9:47pm,

6/22/2004 9:51pm,
Female martial artists.

No wait, Filipino martial arts.


6/22/2004 9:53pm,
Female martial artists?? Hell yeah, then my preferences DEFINITELY run towards the FMAs!!!! :D

6/22/2004 9:57pm,
JJ it really depends on your definition of "real situation."

If you are saying that "real situation" = the street, then forget martial arts cuz if you try anything out there u will get ur ass shot or gangbanged by 2-3 large men who have probably served jail time. They will play tossed salad man games with you.

People tend to get disillusioned that their TMA can save them on the street, but then people also get disillusioned that there is something out there other than TMA that can save you on the street.

6/22/2004 9:58pm,
Sigh just take BJJ and muay thai or some sort of MMA - thats what all these peeps gonna tell you.

6/22/2004 9:59pm,
Spar with people that dont train with you.

6/22/2004 10:00pm,
Where are you located N00b?

Oh yeah....just take BJJ and Muay Thai.

6/22/2004 10:03pm,
Darkson, LMAO!!

Here noob, read this rough draft: