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6/21/2004 1:43am,

Somebody said seigido-ryu has the worst armbars ever. I beg to differ.

Fa Jing
6/21/2004 1:54am,
Damn not bad.

<never said they were the worst never heard of it until now.

Hedge, what is Elite based on? JJ if so what style?


Hedge check your PMs

6/21/2004 3:53am,
Both of those guys looked like pretty elite fighters.

6/21/2004 7:04am,
You gotta be fucking kiding me...

6/21/2004 7:19am,
What, that's proper crap.

6/21/2004 7:23am,
Thats pretty damn elite.....im scared..:rolleyes:

6/21/2004 8:07am,
Great Googly Moogly!!!!!! What crap! I really enjoyed the last one. Knife fighting (for military only). Ooooooooo.

Let's see, stand in one spot, don't change angles or distance at all, just cut his wrist as he tries a big baseball swing slash to your throat. After cutting his wrist, you then grab it with your other hand. Don't mind the slippery blood as you try to control the knife. Last, the lock withyour blade reversed pointed back towards your own body??? Good one. Little thinning of the herd here, chlorine in the gene pool. Thanks.

6/21/2004 11:52am,
Wow this should be on pics of disaster. And they forgot to mention when stopping people with knifes your likely to get cut.

6/21/2004 1:17pm,

this dude looks liek he is in the middle of blowing his load!!!


6/21/2004 2:52pm,
l337 b0x3ut33r terrorist defense taktiks for teh win!

6/21/2004 5:24pm,
ha ha ha

i like that bit about the striking the legs with the baton

just the way we are taught to
if they have a knife, the jaw is a much better target though..

6/21/2004 8:55pm,
FAQ #3 - How can non-US citizens learn this system?

We have had a great number of people interested in learning our system who are not US citizens. As we mentioned in
FAQ #1, we will offer the system to US citizens only. Why? Remember 911? The terrorists who made the attacks were martial arts students. Our system is very extremely potent, efficient and effective. Therefore, to prevent this system from getting into the wrong hands, we will have to maintain this policy.

However, if you are a non-US citizen, you still have a way of learning. In order for us to know that you are safe to US interests, you must first have a face to face, one-on-one lesson with one of our established schools in the United States. In this way, if you are cleared by our US Homeland Security as a non-threat to the US interests, then you are also declared safe by us. After that, you may continue your progress as a student with full status. As our system grows throughout the United States, you will have more training sites available.


not everyone who studies the martial arts cares about training. Some people study the martial arts for a hobby, some want to win trophies, others want to show off black belts, and some are interested in only theory and philosophy. Thatís OK. There is a martial art for everyone. Traditional martial arts (such as Wing Chun) are great for hobbyists, Tae Kwon Do and Judo are great sports if you are interested only in trophies, Karate is fine if you want to quickly get a black belt that you can show off to others (whether you have any skill or not), and arts such as American Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, and Aikido are fine if you are interested in theory and philosophy. However, if you want a martial art that is going to educate and train you for realistic street combat and if you are willing to devote time to train, then the Elite Fighter System is for you.


6/21/2004 10:38pm,
LMAO...this is awful. These people need to be stopped.

Fa Jing
6/21/2004 10:49pm,
Originally posted by manchuria


Those links remind me of the double talk bullshit written on bathroom walls to get you to call some fairy's house.

Fa Jing
6/21/2004 10:50pm,
Originally posted by blankslate
LMAO...this is awful. These people need to be stopped.

substitute "stopped" for "shot" and im in.

6/21/2004 11:07pm,
"Enter the Elite-Fighters.com Arcade!

We know that it is important to give your body time to rest. So after a hard training session, visit our arcade and play some of the classic video games that made video gaming history. The games are free, but you need the following programs to play (free downloads of these programs are available):"

They provide some software games...that is very thoughtful.