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6/18/2004 9:29pm,
I was looking through my bookmarks and I came across this. I don't know if it has been posted here yet but it is a list of boxing fatalities and an article on the subject.


6/18/2004 9:38pm,
I'm not even going to read that (because I'm tired; I'm sure it's good), but I recently read a book on boxing's history...

& some intellectual giant actually died from having an infected tooth.... because he was so badass he decided to fight regardless...

Then the infection spread (from the hits he took) & he died. The end.

6/18/2004 9:47pm,
This would be a good website for people making the case for MMA being safer than boxing. Especially since it mentions 'second impact syndrome' as one of the major causes of death (which means of course that MMA has the edge there because of the lack of stand 8 count).