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6/18/2004 11:01am,

Crooks in Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Heist

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police are hunting three bandits who held up a self-service strawberry farm with a pistol and a knife -- for a five-pound basket of strawberries.

Germany's AZ newspaper reported on Wednesday that the three men filled their basket with strawberries at a "pick-your-own" farm in the southern town of Taufkirchen near Munich.

When the farm saleswoman approached the men in the field to take their money, they drew their weapons. She fled while the thieves escaped in their nearby car, the daily reported.


Well as you can see, the saleswoman did TEH correct STR33t technique, hoofing it!

In reality I bet the three men were on a mission to gather provisions for their trip to a far far away planet with their venerable martial arts teacher. They couldn't use their techniques to restrain the women as they are too deadly according to the registry and the local police station.