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6/11/2004 5:51pm,
does anyone have any information on the meridian lines and whatnot on the human body?
or any pics of pressure points on the body

I know some schools may occasionally teach a pressure point massage program or something.

I love giving massages.

6/11/2004 5:58pm,
Marc Tedeschi's book "Hapkido" covers meridians pretty exhaustively with lots of detailed charts.

Danzan Ryu JJ students are also really capable masseuses.

6/11/2004 6:10pm,
I have recieved massages from these guys, they are good. They have even fixed a few fellow student's ailments on the spot.

San Jose Kenpo (http://www.sanjosekenpo.com/Restorationart.htm)

I don't know how good the video/dvd is, but I know the book is pretty good.

Learning some of the massage techniques has also improved my nerve striking.

Mr. Mantis
6/11/2004 6:29pm,

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6/14/2004 11:08am,

Transcendent Sunchips
6/14/2004 11:12am,
Piz, next time I see that creepy wierd guy at the gym who offers massages in the middle of a class, I'll ask him about massages for you.

Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
6/14/2004 11:15am,
next time you come over, pizdoff, how using a warm, scented oil? thx!!!

6/14/2004 11:35am,
Piz, I posted a whole punch of meridian charts a while back, try the search function...

6/14/2004 11:39am,
I did before I posted the topic. I normally always do. Nothing came up?
Let me try some other terms.....say "mas" and "R&T"

6/14/2004 11:46am,
I think they are under "dim mak", if you can't find them, I will email them to you.

7/05/2004 12:19pm,
Haha, I was actually trying some of the stuff from that PDF you sent me Ronin, and I actually made myself nauseous.

Cool Dim Mak stuff.

And I also found a cool foot massage page.

7/05/2004 2:36pm,
Careful you don't cause yourself to be impotent.

7/05/2004 6:03pm,
Originally posted by Jenfucius

I think I'm just going to second this instead of type it myself.

Oh, and I like your Avatar Jenfucius, Kill Bill ROCKS

8/17/2004 8:47am,
Childish homophobes. :(

Ok, has anyone heard of ART?
Active Release Techniques?


Less than 20 years known apparently, some promising anecdotes but there is no " good-quality studies using control groups that determine scientifically whether the therapy is effective. "


Actually on further reflection, this might be something similar to what a certain TC practitioner on this board showed me....

8/17/2004 8:59am,
Who wants a body massage?