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6/08/2004 12:21am,
What is the main technique most punks on the street throw at the beginning of a fight?

6/08/2004 12:23am,

6/08/2004 12:24am,
What type bitch?

6/08/2004 12:24am,
or the nearest inanimate object.

6/08/2004 12:25am,
wild punch.

6/08/2004 12:25am,

6/08/2004 12:31am,

Ok, let me spell it out for you.

Number 1, it's almost impossible to answer that question because there are too many variables in the vague 'street fight' notion.

Number 2, having said that, common things in street fights are either punches, or trying to hit you with an inanimate object.

Inanimate - non-moving. A thing. Like a chair, traffic cone, bottle, pool cue or something.

Variables - Something that varies or is prone to variation. Changes according to the circumstances.

Circumstance - A condition or fact attending an event and having some bearing on it; a determining or modifying factor

6/08/2004 12:31am,
A loopy cross aimed at the jaw or nose. People with experience throw it quite well.

6/08/2004 12:38am,
A haymaker

6/08/2004 12:58am,
The #1Plumber has a thing or two to say about this.


6/08/2004 1:04am,
yea, thanks keinhaar! That perfectly answers my question!

6/08/2004 1:43am,
YEa but if they are alot bigger than you all the training in the world won't help when you get sucker punched and lights out your done.

6/08/2004 1:44am,
But what if you train enough to learn how to not get sucker punched?

6/08/2004 2:09am,
you mean like the matrix where you automatically move your head out of the way a split second before they land a punch on you?

Assuming they are bigger and stronger than you and possibly have strete fighting experience. Otherwise a punch by itself won't knowck oyu out unless they throw a combo or something.

6/08/2004 2:33am,
A few people I've talked to with extensive nightclub/bar security experience have said that pretty much 9 times out of 10, the fights they saw started with one guy shoving the other to push him him off balance, and to gauge his distance for the big ol haymaker he's winding up simultaneously. I thought this was amusing; guess some things never change from elementary school.

6/08/2004 2:57am,
If he blind sides you there's nothing you can do except hope it doesn't KO you and you can recover and get hold of him. On the plus side most people don't know where to hit to KO.

If he approches you from the front put your hands up and stay out of range, then make sure you attack first.