View Full Version : West Texas Kyokushin?

6/07/2004 9:00pm,
I just discovered that in my "hometown" (that is 4.5 hours away) there is a kyokushin dojo.

I've been very interested in kyokushin since I learned about it through this website. I was wondering if you guys know anything about this dojo or the guy who runs it? It's in Abilene, Texas.

Website -- http://www.westtexaskyo.8m.com/

I was thinking I'd make a visit to the dojo in a couple of months when I can plan a trip to Abilene. As many members here do, I like to know as much as possible about a dojo before walking in.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and if no one knows anything about this place, I'll report for you guys once I visit.

6/09/2004 1:19am,
*ahem* bump?