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12/11/2002 7:47pm,
hi my name is julian and I'm new to this site would some one like to show me how the site works

any way let me tell you about my me I live in england and have trian in aikido mt and fc kickboxing shootfighting and jkd I'm 21 and a man world you like to know any thing else

yours julian

12/11/2002 7:48pm,
Yeah, the site fucking works by you clicking links which take you to differnt pages you stupid fucker.

haha what kind of name is julian, you queer.

12/11/2002 7:52pm,
**** you to rub a cock

12/11/2002 7:53pm,
Julianx, ignore him. What do you need to know?

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/11/2002 7:57pm,
er i'm doing now see you later

12/12/2002 12:19am,
Osiris are you into Egyptian mythology? I do find that an interesting subject. Maat- the Godess of wisdom and what not.


12/12/2002 12:32am,
So, Osiris you laid your sister and been murdered by your evil brother lately?

My favorite goddess is Sehkmet -- the Lioness, the Destroyer. I just love that she went off on humanity and not even Ra could stop her. They had to give her drugged beer, died red to look like blood, to keep her from depopulating the world.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/12/2002 12:45am,
LaRusse (sp?) Dictionary of Mythology. Stuff's around -- I was obsessed with Eqyptian culture for years. I could name every pharoh from Amenophis III to Ahkenaton at one point.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/12/2002 1:00am,
wow..julian the troll to Egyptology in 10 steps..nice going *grin*

12/12/2002 1:08am,
Oh, julian's not a troll. Just a young English guy. I kind of know him. He's nice, in a wet puppy sort of way.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

The Wastrel
12/12/2002 3:54am,
Wow, I thought Maat-Kheru was some kind of clever transliteration of "Might Kill You." I've been outfoxed!

12/12/2002 6:12pm,
Yeah, you shitdicks enjoying talking about mythology? You fags this is a MA forum not fucking Indiana Jones's Temple of nerd talk.

12/12/2002 6:14pm,
they are a bunch of sukkerdicklicks! what fems hey!