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6/06/2004 2:40am,
Okay, okay, this is starting to get to even me:

So, what's with all the anti-JKD stuff?


Omega, Wastel, I'm talking to you guys primarily.

What the HELL'S your problem?

6/06/2004 2:42am,
They hate you but are too passive-agressive to be straight forward about it.



6/06/2004 2:44am,
You know, if you use the word "passive" in a sentence that references those two anymore, the universe will implode.

I just thought you should be warned.

6/06/2004 2:48am,

6/06/2004 3:24am,
i cant speak for them but I usually meet the words jeet kune do with rolling eyes. its much like kung fu, tkd, karate that isnt kyokushin- there are probably places that teach well, but they are few and far between.

and to be honest I think if JKD was taught in the way bruce lee meant it to be, it would basically be a MMA gym. most places ive seen are much more akin to a traditional dojo or kwoon than a gym. course im not dissing on you or jkd, this is just my experience.

Deadpan Scientist
6/06/2004 3:34am,
As someone that' has read the tao of JKD, I can say that at least on the surface, saying that you study, or teach JKD is absurd.

Fa Jing
6/06/2004 4:20am,
if JKD was taught the way Bruce ment it to be it wouldnt be taught at all. I mean he closed down his dojo for Christs sake to avoid just this thing. Read it learn teach yourself. You know your body best, it only makes sense that you are the one to teach it.

6/06/2004 4:24am,
jkd is just watered down wing chun

...dont hit me

6/06/2004 4:35am,
It's just that JKDConceptsChick was too fucking long.

6/06/2004 4:36am,
The problem here is that saying "I do JKD" is like saying "I do martial arts." No one is really going to have any fucking idea what you're proficient in.

6/06/2004 4:47am,
I personally hold a grudge against JKD ever since I read the disclaimer that "No, JKD does not want to go out with you".

6/06/2004 4:50am,
Yes, emevas, and that applied to YOU specifically, even though you hadn't posted yet. I believe the best defense is a good offense.

6/06/2004 4:51am,
Originally posted by JKDChick
Yes, emevas, and that applied to YOU specifically, even though you hadn't posted yet. I believe the best defense is a good offense.

Is that a JKD concept? =P

6/06/2004 4:53am,
So, eternal and massively powerful then?

6/06/2004 4:59am,
hey, I could take one bjj/muay thai lesson and then go around saying

I TRAIN MMA, JKD concepts, shooto, lutra livre, submission fighting and pankration, f33r me biatch!!

Beneath Contempt
6/06/2004 5:05am,
I thought this was a thread about the film cheerleader film, "Bring It On", which is perhaps the best thing ever committed to celluloid. It's like glimpsing nirbana.