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6/04/2004 2:38am,
I was just wondering if anybody in the Bay Area has heard anything about this YC Wong's Kung Fu Studio on Sacramento St. in Chinatown (san fran). Also if anyone in the Bay Area (I'm around SFSU) would like to train or exchange techniques or something please post something. Its been a while since I have done some good sparring and I would really like to get to meet some people that share a genuine interest in REAL martial arts. (Unfortunetely, I'll be in SoCal until August). Just don't kill me or else my mom will yell at me.

6/04/2004 4:45am,
I trained there for 8 years. What do you want to know.

6/04/2004 1:23pm,
How often do they spar? Is it light or full contact? Is the style effective? What do they encompass in the regimen (Locks, groundwork, throws etc.)? And could you please tell me about your overall experience and opinion of the place. Also are their any other good MA schools in the Bay Area? Thanks alot Omar your reply will really help me out.

6/04/2004 2:06pm,
Originally posted by parthenon
Also are their any other good MA schools in the Bay Area?

Hmm... let's see... there's a bunch of Gracie Academies... and then there's the Fairtex gym...

So yeah, I'd say all you've got is access to some of the best martial arts schools in the nation.

Hope to see you at a NorCal throwdown. There's one on the 13th in Berkeley, if you can make it.

6/04/2004 2:16pm,
I'm new in the Bay Area so your reply really helps alot. I'm a freshman at SFSU.
Aww man I would love to go to the throwdown and i was really looking foward to it but I have to leave for SoCal this weekend. I'll be back in August though I'll do everything in my power to make it to the next one. I hope you guys have a great time at the NorCal throwdown and learn alot.

6/04/2004 2:22pm,
There are also cheaper options and good schools in other arts, just so you know.

6/04/2004 2:50pm,
Please enlighten me

6/04/2004 2:54pm,
What are you looking for?

6/04/2004 3:13pm,
I can't decide whether i should focus on a striking art or a grappling one, I know i need to work on both since i haven't done either in a while. I'm looking for something practical but I can't decide between striking or grappling. What do you think is more important in your opinion?

6/04/2004 3:57pm,
I wouldn't say either is more important. You need both. I'd say the most important factor is what you enjoy, plus the school's price and proximity, because those are what guarantee that you keep training and don't burn out.

I prefer grappling because I don't like getting hit in the head. It's personal. Since you don't seem to be leaning one way or the other, I'd say just try the different schools in the area and see which you like and which you can afford. After that, you'll probably have some more specific questions that you can ask here. Plus, maybe SFSU's got a judo club or something.

6/04/2004 4:15pm,
Hey thanks Punyip I really appreciate your input and your time to respond to my questions. I will try out different schools in the area and see what works for me it seems like thats the only logical way. And I definetely will see if SFSU has a club of some sort (although with the budget cuts its highly unlikely). I plan on taking Kung Fu San Soo over the summer so I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes.

6/04/2004 10:03pm,
He is the number one student of Lum Jo here in the US.

Y.C. Wong is not expensive by bay area standars. $80/month, flat rate. No belts, not tests, no ranks. We train in a basemetn with a cement floor. NO groundwork. Classes are very loosely structured. You spar as much or as little as you feel like. You will have to actively seek out fellow students to spar with you or teach you sparring. Like most aspect of training, it's up to you. Classes in the evening are from 5:30 - 8:00. You can come in and train for any portion of that time. There is usually a formal group session doing the typical gong fu class stuff like punching 50 times in each stance or everybody kicking air as a group but that part of the 2 1/2 hour period is usually only about 1/2 hour long.

A first class will probably be some senior assigned to taking you through the basic stances and maybe starting you on the first form.

If you are skeptical about it's effectiveness I suggest you see if there is one of the better seniors around to "play" with you. The first time I sparred there I sparred with on of the Wong brothers (not related to Sifu but there are 3 or 4 brothers there who have beenwith Sifu for over 20 years) and this guy never bothered to use anything but his lead hand. I did all I could buyt couldn't get past his arm. He never needed to kick punch or anyhting else. He just had this awsome bridge arm that would obstruct or otherwise **** up anythign I tried. Generally the sparing is pretty light but don't be fooled. Sometimes it takes a while for people to build up the trust to go a bit harder. In the wilder, more violent days of SF's Chinatown in the 70's . . .

I met one of Sifu's very first students when I went to Hong Kong. This guy has major scars all up and down both legs and arms from variuous armed confrontations. Apparently, Lum J

It could be easy to be fooled into thinking they can't fight because most of the students there are too nice and many train just for exercise and good fun. He presents an amazing pool of knowledge and resources to learn the real thing but no real pressure for you to do so.

The main curriculum is Hung Gar but he also teaches a bit of Pi Gua (Pek Kua) and has probably the best Taji skills I have seen in the states. I learned some Bagua from him as well but he generally doesn't teach that. I would avoid asking to learn anything in particualr form him outside of "Kung Fu". He's a 70+ year old badass and I highly reccomend seeing what his push hands are like on you.

It's mostly striking with a lot of sticky arm type stuff and other standing grappling. A fair number weapons forms and some really fantastice 2 man forms where you get to really work on your applications.

6/04/2004 10:12pm,
The other school that I think is an absolute must to visit is Chris Chan's WC school out in the Sunset somewhere. He is the only other gong fu guy in the City I think is in YC Wong's league.

The Gracie school I found in SF was outrageously expensive.

If you know where the low priced Chiropractice clinic is on Divisidero, just north of Haight St., see of Doc Andy is still running it. He trained under Chris and could get you an extra friendly reception there. Chris has a rep for being a real hardass and going in with a friend could be nice. Doc Andy could also hook you up with Hannibal, a really cool Rasta who teaches Choi Li Fut in the Park and I can guarantee he will give you all the sparring you want.

There's a ton of others but as far as stand up fighting goes, there's not really anyone I could reccomend outside of those guys. Not that everybody else sucks it's just that Chris Chan and YC Wong are so good and Hannibla is very unconventional but practical and amazingly fun to be around. He's someone who actually HAS sucessfully eye gouged someones eye right out of the socket once.

Have fun. Lot's of choices.

If you want to grapple, I'd say your first stop should be the Judo/Aikido instructor as SF State. I learned a tone from my couple semesters with him but more to the point, I think he could be an excellent resource if you wanted to find a good Judo school. If I rememebr correctly he trained originally in the Kodokan.

6/04/2004 11:02pm,
Wow, thank you very much Omar! Your reply will really help me out alot. Once I get back to the Bay Area I will definetely look those guys up. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.

3/22/2012 12:43am,
I know this is a huge necro, but by chance I happened to pass this place today and remembered reading a thread about it some time ago.

There is a sign on the door saying that the unit is for lease. I don't know whether it means that Sifu Wong is moving his studio or closing it down, and I didn't see any more information posted on the storefront. I searched a little online and found only old links and Yelp reviews of this place.

Anyone know anything more about this? There is a Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/YC-Wong-Kung-Fu-School/112534572103338?sk=wall) for his school, but there haven't been any updates to it in months.

Chili Pepper
3/22/2012 8:05am,
I don't know whether it means that Sifu Wong is moving his studio or closing it down, and I didn't see any more information posted on the storefront. I searched a little online and found only old links and Yelp reviews of this place.

I'd assume he's retired or died. Considering he started teaching in the late 60's, he's had a damn good run.