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6/04/2004 12:03am,
An xfc fighter (185lbs) from australia is training here in NM with my school (Jackson's) for a month, I guess he is also the Crocodile Hunters body guard who met my instructor after a xfc vs. kotc competition where he lost to one of our fighters, joey villasenor. I got a chance to roll with him today, he was actually pretty good, especially with takedowns and leg locks and was as strong as an ox, I caught him a few times with chokes and armbars but he was no pushover and got me once with a leglock (kneebar), I hope to roll with him more when I'm fresh. Just curious if anybody from down under knows about this guy, his first name is dan and like I said I believe he fights at 185lbs, nice guy.

Darting Fingers
6/04/2004 12:21am,
Sorry mate don't know. They hold XFC up in Queensland, its not televised so I don't really keep up with it. I've got a mate whose got a fight up there sometime soon so if I see him I'll ask cause I know he keeps up to date with whats going on.

6/04/2004 12:32am,
Thanks alot, I appreciate it, it's no big deal though, just curious.

Darting Fingers
6/04/2004 12:41am,
No worries, don't hold your breath though

6/04/2004 12:45am,
Ill ask some people who might know, but they probably wont.