View Full Version : Where online can I buy the new Bjj dummy?

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6/01/2004 5:19pm,
I heard about this dummy that you can buy that the Gracies made for practicing submissions from a guy at my Bjj academy but don't know where to find it. Any heard of such a thing? Also some webpages to good martial arts supplies would be nice too.

6/01/2004 5:25pm,
It is not new...I think you are talking about a bubba dummy.
Prepare to spend some serious $$$$.

6/01/2004 5:32pm,
You can make your own. I think I've seen a link to instructions somewhere on this site.

6/01/2004 6:18pm,
i had my eye on this one, but if you find one that is better for hte grapple then let me know.


6/01/2004 6:31pm,
sounds like a waste of money tbh.

6/01/2004 8:16pm,
If you are training at a grappling school, just drill there instead of spending the money on a dummy.

Omega Supreme
6/01/2004 8:19pm,
Royce Gracie is for sale?

(I'm sorry couldn't help myself)

6/01/2004 8:21pm,
I am about to buy one at a discount of 200

6/01/2004 8:21pm,
i will write a review.... on it when i get it tonight

Meat Shake
6/01/2004 8:34pm,
"M.A.S.S. is a must for all martial artists who seek to train and hone their technique but lack a training partner."

Straight from the site. If you have someone to beat up on, the money could most likely be better spent.

6/02/2004 12:27am,
Totally. Why waste money on a dummy so you can practice some dead drills?
Training that is not 'alive' is pretty much worthless, in my opinion.

6/02/2004 12:30am,
Just get a blow up doll, you can armbar her and play with her at the same time. Just an idea though.


6/02/2004 2:44am,

Best "grappling" dummy ever!

lost future
6/02/2004 3:01am,
Originally posted by Blad3
sounds like a waste of money tbh.

You're absolutely wright, but It woud be usefull if you missed classes and still want to train. Strikes and kicks are no problem without a partner (in the air, punchin bag, ...) But grappling without a partner is IMO impossible. But I just ask my brother to train, when I mist classes.

Box Blast K.O.
6/02/2004 3:55am,
How on earth are they so expensive? Those prices are ridicules. Plus KF Collin has brought up a good point.

6/02/2004 4:13am,
Well dead drills can definitly help you get the technique down. e.g I always have trouble with the far side armbar from side mount, and drilling it helps me a lot.

Jesus I'm not paying that much for a fucking dummy though, they can swing.