View Full Version : How to get sponsorship

6/01/2004 3:21pm,
Ok, are any of you tournament guys sponosored? If so how did you get sponsored? Does anyone have any information on this subject. Looking to try and get a couple of the kids sponsored for their tournaments that are out of state.

6/01/2004 3:27pm,
Well, I dont know about martial arts... but I've helped a couple of my friends get sponsered for skateboarding and BMX. Usually it involved making a video of your training, your physical ability, some footage of yourself in acation, as well as a bit of a psuedo commentary where you tell the viewer why you would be a good candidate for sponsership. Also, listing any and all previous accomplishments (the more experienced you are, the more likely you are to get sponsered) as well as a bit of a resume that covers your martial ability instead of your job skills. Also, of course, a letter to follow. Finally, select your business of choice and ship it off!!

Now, I dont know how far a martial arts sponsorship is from this, but maybe not too far. One thing I learned from my friends sponserships is that people enjoy sponsering events, they like getting their ad on someones shirt (or gi for this matter!) and it never hurts to ask a business about it.