View Full Version : A question about Stephen K Hayes.

Red Wolf
6/01/2004 1:06pm,
Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and had a question about the legitamacy of Stephen K Hayes.

The main reason I ask is I noticed on his website he offers the home study course, and I know that is generally frowned upon in the martial arts community.

Has anyone trained under Hayes or can anyone confirm if he is as good as some make him out to be?

6/01/2004 1:09pm,
this has to be a troll...it's begging for all kinds of pain

6/01/2004 2:26pm,
My Instructor and I atteneded a seminar in Florida that Hayes put on. He talked a good game but his physical skills were the worst!

Another front man!

Red Wolf
6/01/2004 3:15pm,
this has to be a troll...it's begging for all kinds of pain

Oh yes I am such a troll, Imagine coming to a martial arts forum and asking a simple question that's related to the subject of the forum. :rolleyes:

6/01/2004 3:23pm,
I heard he went to the Rocky Mountain course by Peyton Quinn and did fine...

6/01/2004 6:14pm,
1. Go to Borders.

2. As you approach the martial arts section, create a mental inventory of all the goofiest possible titles for a ninja-related book.

3. For each fictious title that actually is the name to a Stephen Hayes Ninja book, award yourself 1 point.

4. I'm at like 45 now.