View Full Version : Do I want cheese with my whine?

6/01/2004 9:01am,
Not been a good weekend.
My escrima club has had to fold, as the instructor is under orders from his wife to spend more time with the family.
I've pulled something in the back of my knee/upper calf, so it makes stairs fun.
And finally, its not looking good for the Manchseter throwdown. Only Beavis has shown an interest, and he's injured so can't roll.



6/01/2004 9:04am,
Sit tight . . . the McFu is STILL coming to Manchester . . . it will be in about two or three weeks . . .

6/01/2004 9:05am,
First, quit your whine, second, put a hit out on your instructors wife, third, roll with Beavis anyway, TAKE THE PAIN !!!!!!

6/01/2004 9:49am,
Why can't your instructor's wife make him just cut down on his classes rather than shut up shop altogether? That sucks!

As for the other, I would be tempted to roll anyway but I have been told that I have a potentially broken neck (well, a fracture on my vertebrae or something, but it sounds bad). My x-ray results are in tomorrow so I'll know for sure what the problem is tomorrow afternoon.

Assuming it's nothing horrible, I can do my best. But I'm not supposed to put pressure on my head, neck or shoulders until they find out what's wrong with me. And being that I'm a wrestler, that's a bit of a problem.

6/01/2004 9:51am,
But it doesn't explain why the other english lads on here aren't stepping up to the plate. I'll roll with an injured neck if SLJ, drunkenj, wingchunnewbie, Xodus, Blad3, etc get their priorities straight and show up.