View Full Version : Hot Gatorade

6/01/2004 2:11am,
The other day I left a bottle of orange Gatorade in my car during a hot summer afternoon in Texas.

Being a hot summer afternoon in Texas, I was quite parched when I returned to my sunbaked vehicle. I decided to drink the now very hot orange Gatorade despite my conscience screaming, "YOU ARE RETARDED!"

Myself and my conscience were both quite surprised that the hot orange Gatorade was DELICIOUS! It was like some sort of strange exotic tea.

You should try it some time.

6/01/2004 2:12am,
orange isn't too bad hot. Purple is. It tastes like nasty cough syrup

6/01/2004 6:28am,
sounds like a bacteria-fest waiting to happen.

6/02/2004 11:30pm,
Your body is already a bacteria fest...especially your mouth.


6/02/2004 11:36pm,
ah, but those are normal flora, the entourage of this rapper we call the human body.