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12/09/2002 6:13pm,
I happened to read somewhere here on this forum about a case where wrestler 1 after losing came to congratulate the winner, offering hand.
Wrestler 2 (Tito or some name like this) didnt accept the hand and just walked away.
THEN, as one here told, his MANAGER had to make him to accept his hand or something.
I mean what the f***??? What manager ? huh? eh? MANAGER HAD TO MAKE HIM? hahahahaa....
As you all know the fact that whereever there is money involved there is lots of **** involved. IE if some finance-pscychologists or whatever they are called find if one dude loses there probably will be more fuss in NHB world and more money will be maked then the guy WILL lose. Think about it.

I might be wrong. But i think i have a good 70-80% chance of being right. I would recommend taking this chance into account when thinking or stating that NHB/MMA rings show what is the best style of fighting/martial art.

gong sau
12/09/2002 6:47pm,
Right, wrong? Who knows? I can't make any sense out of what you're trying to say. Yes, there are greedy people in the world. No, fighters aren't usually the nicest people you could meet. Get over it.

First, I'm gonna hit ya...then your gonna fall

12/09/2002 8:47pm,
What i am trying to say is that, the case showed that fighters arent allowed to do too much what they want. So i think NHB aint much about who is the best fighter (like many may think) but more about what match results might bring more cash from public.