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Omega Supreme
5/31/2004 10:26pm,
Okay guys for the first time in a long time I almost lost it today. My daughter was running around and got away from me. She ran across these street chalk paintings at a festival held here in town and some adult got angry and stuck her foot out so that she would stop and my daughter fell down. I blew up and got in her face and told her never to lay a finger on another persons child.

Her boyfriend came to her defense and I grabbed him by the throat and almost drove his head into the cement. After I took a deep breath I let the guy go and walked away while everybody just stood there.

Did I go over board or would any of you guys done the same thing?

5/31/2004 10:29pm,
You really need to ask?

5/31/2004 10:32pm,
I'd have probably reacted the same way, or offered him a shot at "some". But I would have also swatted my daughter's hiney.

5/31/2004 10:59pm,
depends on how old your daughter is

lost future
5/31/2004 11:10pm,
You went over board, but I probably would have done the same if I was real angry. Specially when it comes to my family

5/31/2004 11:11pm,
His daughter is a toddler, 2 I think.

5/31/2004 11:12pm,
While I can understand your anger, smashing hapless peasant on the sidewalk is probably not a good choice for a Martial Arts intructor.
That said, is your daughter allright? Was she harmed when she fell?

5/31/2004 11:14pm,
At 2 she would not have known any better.
Now a days you do not touch another persons child unless you can deal whith the consequences.

5/31/2004 11:16pm,
It's hard to say what I would have done, not being a parent myself. But I imagine that I would have done the same thing, and I certainly can understand why you reacted how you did.

5/31/2004 11:19pm,
What throw were you using to plant his head?
I would have done the same if it would have been one of my buddies kids...let alone if it were mine.

Mr. Mantis
5/31/2004 11:19pm,
Originally posted by omega
...some adult got angry and stuck her foot out so that she would stop and my daughter fell down.

Your daughter was assaulted, and you got angry. Seems like a natural reaction.

You didn't hurt anybody. Seems as though you displayed considerable constraint under the circumstances.

6/01/2004 12:15am,
Just shot the damn bitch? That was fucking mean.

"What throw were you using to plant his head?"

6/01/2004 12:23am,
Never touch another persons child! EVER!

Most warm blooded creatures (some cold blooded) have this thing about protecting to their childern.

6/01/2004 12:26am,
Shoulda decked the bitch who tripped your baby.

6/01/2004 12:31am,
Wait, wait, wait...omega actually had sex with a woman once? Granted it was over 2 years ago, but still...

Seriously though, no **** you overreacted, at least in the letter of CA law. Personally, I would have drawn the line at yelling at the woman, that way you would have still had the option to press charges. By comitting battery on the boyfriend, you and the woman both could have gone to jail.

You should have just let your baby mama slap the crap outta that bitch.

6/01/2004 12:32am,
Originally posted by JKDChick
Shoulda decked the bitch who tripped your baby.

Gentlemenmen don't hit ladies.

Btiches however.... :D