View Full Version : Match Ups for Next Round of Pride Gran Prix Set

5/31/2004 5:17pm,
www.mmaweekly.com is reporting that puroresupower.com (http://puroresupower.com ) is reporting the fights for the June 20 Pride Gran Prix are as follows:

Mark Hunt vs. Hidehiko Yoshida

Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Antonio Nino Schembri

Grand Prix Match Ups:

Fedor Emelieneko vs. Kevin Randleman

Giant Silva vs. Naoya Ogawa

Minotauro Nogueira vs. Semmy Schilt

Heath Herring vs. Sergei K.


5/31/2004 9:38pm,
I hope Saku can take Schembri this time. I thought it was a fluke that he beat Saku their first match.

6/02/2004 10:05am,
I'm going to be very interested to see how Ogawa does against Giant Silva.

6/02/2004 1:49pm,
I'm going to be very interested to see how Ogawa does against Giant Silva.

I haven't seen anything offical to confirm these match-ups, but if these are true this one looks awfully like a work. Silva and Ogawa are both prowrestlers, Silva wouldn't likely have a problem taking a dive.

6/02/2004 8:16pm,
what's with all the weirdness of ogawa?? i read a thread on sherdog the other day that he choked out a pride ref??!?! tell me stories punisher!!

6/02/2004 11:18pm,
I don't really know too much about Ogawa, but Silva spent sometime in the WWE and a lot of timne wrestling in Mexico. Like I said, out of all the fighters left, he's the only one I think would lay down for Ogawa. Maybe Randleman if they paid him enough. It's just too coincidental to have the only two guys that have experience having fake fights fight each other.

Strong Machine
6/03/2004 12:53am,
They won't need to work Silva vs Ogawa.Ogawa will win anyways.
I just hope that Ogawa doesn't wussy out of fighting in the finals.
Incidently whoever has him in his first fight in the finals will have a great advantage.

6/03/2004 11:15am,
"Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Antonio Nino Schembri "


6/03/2004 11:59am,
DSE, the parent company of Pride, has just issued an official press release with different match-ups than I had previously posted. I figured this might happen, because several of the recent interviews with Nog indicated Heath Herring as his second round opponent.

Here are the offical match-ups:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Kevin “The Monster” Randleman
Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira vs. “The Texas Crazy Horse” Heath Herring
Paulo Cesar “Giant” Silva vs. Naoya Ogawa
Semmy Schilt vs. Sergei Kharitonov

It should be also noted that DSE stated that the alternate for round one (Ron Waterman) was only for Round One and a new alternate would be chosen.

All the other fights are the same. The Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona is for #1 contendership for the Middleweight title.


6/05/2004 4:54am,
Fedor vs Randleman should be a whopper. Hell, the whole card looks great, minus Ogawa/Silva.

6/06/2004 10:58pm,
Heh. I sort of like Randleman, wish he didn't have to fight Fedor so soon.

6/06/2004 11:04pm,
I hope mark hunt has worked on his ground game a little better than sefo did