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Darting Fingers
5/30/2004 9:42pm,
Had last thursday and friday off as I was heading to the Blue Mountains for a long weekend to help my mum around the house (good son that I am) and as we were leaving in the afternoon I took the chance to do a midday grappling session, as I wouldn't be training over the weekend.
We started off doing three minute rounds starting on our knees and then we were to switch partners, no worries.
The second person I am to roll with is this chick, not a bad sort, but kinda fragile looking. Now the instrutor did say not too heavy, but truth be told maybe what I consider "not too heavy" may be different to her "not too heavy". So I can't remember the exact details but she says after about 10 seconds "Ahh, like, do you wanna like, take it, like easy?? We're like, just playing..." (okay maybe there weren't so many likes but thats what it sounded like in my mind). So I say cool and pull it down a notch, even though I just feel weird doing things slow and real light, doesn't make sense and say "Well we are supposed to be trying to resist the other person and work for position" to which I get no answer.
But the strangest thing is she doesn't seem to be resisting anything or really trying to get position. I get into the mount and she just lays there and I stop and look at her as if to say "Is there a reason you're limp on the floor?" and then she says "Try something" so I grab her arm, figure four it and she taps, yeeha... We start again I get the mount and she kinda moves and then says "Ok like do you wanna like let me get you off because its like more fun?" I'm dumbfounded and so I just let her roll me and pass the guard as I can see this is going no where.
We weren't drilling, we were rolling. This girl and I continued to see her act this way with everyone else she rolled with, turned BJJ into what resembled a slumber party pillow fight.
I don't have a problem with rolling with chicks or anything the next person I rolled with was this Russian chick called Anna who could tie you into a figure eight in an instant, but why would you turn an "alive" art into mush on the floor? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
This girl had been taught by the same people I have been taught by, but seemed to get a completely different notion of what the art is about.

5/30/2004 10:02pm,
I've rolled with the girls in my class and they seemed to understand what they had to do. One is a blue belt and she was sweeping me all over the place. I was just trying to defend because her technique was way better than mine. The other girl I rolled with was a white belt like me and she was almost as good as the other girl. I think this one girl you rolled with is an exception. No idea why she didn't want to train with resistance but its only hurting her.

Darting Fingers
5/30/2004 10:31pm,
I not really saying its because she's a girl, just that it seemed that through all the teaching she just hadn't understood somehow what we were doing even after being told clearly. Like I said, I roll with other girls who are often quite good, just found the way she was acting a little odd.

5/30/2004 10:47pm,
But you're missing the point...

Was she HOT?!

Look, there are guys like that too. I have a guy at MT who's apparently been there for years. He's one of those guys who'll say "Hey buddy! Go easier!" when you kick anything harder than a tap, but then will turn around and LOAD UP on you when it's his turn. Some people are just knobs.

Break her arm and tell her never to come back unless it's for revenge.

Darting Fingers
5/30/2004 11:03pm,
Well look CT I'm far from a sight for sore eye's and she was decently good looking, not a top notch sheila, about a 7 on the scale (I'm a chauvinist I know), but the way she was looking like you're only touching me because we're grappling, oh wait "playing" and considering that she was just an idiot you wouldn't get me to **** her with someone elses dick (yes I'm a chauvinist).
It wasn't that she hit hard, she did the complete opposite, just limp and lifeless.
Like your fella there at MT I get that to, but I find its usually the newbies moreso. I sparred this guy last week who has probably been there a few months and he was realy laying it on and I called chill back with the head shots, but he kept on going and eventually he walked into an 80% power hook straight to his face just before the round ended and we swithced partners to say two can play at that game in the nicest of ways, he wasn't so ballsy after that.

5/31/2004 12:07am,
"Ok like do you wanna like let me get you off because its like more fun?"

You know what?
...............I don't know.........aside from this remark.....I think she'd be a crappy lover.

5/31/2004 12:13am,
Originally posted by CrimsonTiger

Break her arm and tell her never to come back unless it's for revenge.



Darting Fingers
5/31/2004 12:16am,

You always read between the lines Piz.

5/31/2004 5:31am,
I hate it when women lay prone and lifeless for you.

5/31/2004 7:12am,
Yeah there used to be this guy in judo class who would cry if you threw him with any particular force at all.

He kinda expected you to place him on the floor nicely....tool.

5/31/2004 7:20am,
Actually I had a similar experience. At my old judo club there was this girl who was a green belt ( a blue now, I hear). Technically, she wasn't bad. She knew her theory, had pretty good form on most of the throws, etc.

But when it came to actual rolling, she was weird. She used to complain if you went, like 70% on her. And then she'd turn around and try to kill you. And then whine if you blocked her ("I know you can block me, but that doesn't help").

Strange bird.

5/31/2004 7:59am,
Well, if you ever get a chance to grapple JKDC, you'll see how 'alive' a chick can be when rolling. Guy, gals, whatever, cream-puffs come in all shapes and sizes. Although it can be kind of amusing to see a big guy start training in your gym and discover he's a total *****. . .

5/31/2004 8:56am,
Some people are just wimps, tell her to take up something like pilates or yoga and leave the grappling to people who are actually willing to grapple.

5/31/2004 9:20am,
Does your coach ever roll with you guys? It seems like if he did he would have caught and corrected this behavior by now. Was he even watching? Most coaches would have noticed you not going hard enough and told you to get with it. Maybe it's a large class?

5/31/2004 9:49am,
With people like that I don't think there's any point in trying to be polite with them. After all, you are there to train, not to make friends.

Just grapple with her how you would with anyone else. When she starts to complain, squeeze her windpipe enough to keep her from talking and explain to her what's up. Tell her whatever you feel is appropriate, like, "I'm here to train, not to 'have fun'. Don't waste my time." Or you could try something along the lines of, "On t3h str33t5, muggers don't go easy on you."

Whatever you feel might work.

Oh, and it'd be a great idea to discuss this issue with your teacher before trying to take it into your own hands. There could be some situation going on that you don't know about. (Maybe she has some physical limitations, who knows.)

5/31/2004 10:09am,
I agree. Choke the spit out of her next time and when she taps, its over. Thats the real point of it anyway. If she cant handle it she shouldnt be grappling.