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5/30/2004 2:01pm,
Which Bullshido members would you like to see fighting ?

Hey guys, this is just a hypothetical thing. After all, this is more like a brotherhood than a Web Community.

;) ;) ;)

- - - -

These would be my matches :

Asia x Strong Machine
Omega x Fernando
Hapko3 x Wing Chun Lawyer
Jenfucius x Omar
Ronin69 x Anthony
Kung Fu Colin x Osiris
Greese1 x Bunyip
Mikus x Darkson
Prone x Phrost
Mr. Mantis x Mr. Mc Fu
Chaosexmachina x Dochter
JKing x GojuCaesar
JollyRoger x MaverickZ
Manchuria x Blankslate
liuzg150181 x Whiteshark
Patfromlogan x Te No Kage!
Stoogejitsu x Pizdoff

5/30/2004 2:13pm,
matthius vs hannibal

5/30/2004 2:20pm,
Shaft vs. James Bond and Blackula vs. Dracula.

5/30/2004 2:24pm,
I'd like to se Omega vs Asia

5/30/2004 3:29pm,
Asia vs. Omega would be cool

J-Lau vs Omega also

5/30/2004 3:30pm,
I'd love to see Omega v Asia too... it already happened but few pics and NO video. Bastards.

I'd also love to see Omega v Gracie_Austin.

Traditional Tom
5/30/2004 3:33pm,
noone wants to fight me? pfft, ... well... seeing as how I have very little to no actual combat experience... thats PROBABLY a good thing... nonetheless screw you!

lol just kidding

5/30/2004 3:43pm,
veridian vs myself

5/30/2004 3:46pm,
Yes, I'm rather annoyed that no one wants to see me fight anyone. Just because I'm a 2500 post n00bie....

Deadpan Scientist
5/30/2004 3:49pm,
Blade Windu vs Brand has been coming for ages...

5/30/2004 3:58pm,
Originally posted by Ikken Hisatsu
veridian vs myself

Veridian vs anyone would be entertaining.

"Hey, look at me! I'm not a stationary soft pine board!"

5/30/2004 3:59pm,
A pack of rabid weasels vs. Matthius

5/30/2004 4:05pm,
Me VS Omega

it's a short fight but I plan on being crippled and collecting money from the government for the rest of my life

now whos the winner bitch!

5/30/2004 4:05pm,
Matthius vs. a folding chair. In the hands of Ronin69.

5/30/2004 4:14pm,
Who the hell is liuzg150181?

That newb doesn't deserve a shot at this!!!

:) :P :)

5/30/2004 4:35pm,
It is on WhiteShark. The days of me being turned on by your avatar are drawing to a close.