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5/29/2004 12:51am,
I have a friend who is hell bent on learning a japanese sword art. He asked me to look around and let him know what I could suggest or at least weed out as bunk (I am sure you all can relate to the "well you are into X what do you know about -something in some way no matter how remotely related to X-). Anyhow, I asked him what he wanted to do and explained a bit about kendo, iaido, etc...and what he was looking for. Ultimately he is looking for more of a kenjtusu/iaijutsu type art as opposed to kendo or iaido. So after looking around, I found very little in that except for a couple of possible kendo or iaido contenders (I am not too sure on how I feel about those finds yet either), but the closest to what he wanted was a group of people who are in our area who study under the guidance of a man named Tetsuzan Kuroda.

To get to the point, after looking into what I could find on the guy, I am really not sure what my opinion of the guy is. He has several flags for "bullshido" as I see it on the board (such as what looks like a semi-cult devotion to him, some interesting interviews where he really toes the line on semi-mystical abilities, and of course some video tapes for sale, etc). What gets me though is he seems really on the line since nothing goes too overboard.

If it wouldn't be too much to ask, would any of the more experienced/skilled bs-detectors on this board have any feedback on the guy? General opinions?

And just because the whole "I have a friend" thing sounds kind of odd, I'll come right out and say this...if the guy is legit I would probably look into this group here as well with him, so I do have some personal interests in any information on the guy. As for "wanting to play with swords is gay" that I could see potentially...ok fair enough. :)

And finally if it isn't too much to ask, anyone know of anything in that field that is on the up and up in the San Antonio/general Texas area?

Thanks in advance.

5/29/2004 12:52am,
Don't poke your eye out

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5/29/2004 1:01am,
Kuroda is the real deal, he knows his kenjutsu. I don't know the guys out in Texas but there are some guys here in So Cal that train under him and they are pretty solid.


5/29/2004 1:16am,
Like csinca said Kuroda is the real deal.