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gong sau
12/08/2002 6:15pm,
Holy ****! Have you guys seen this suit? Pricey, but it looks pretty kick ass for all-out sparring. I know some people have issues with wearing padding because it can train some bad habits, but I still think it's pretty cool. Definitely the best I've seen.

HIGH GEAR homepage (http://www.tonyblauer.com/highgear/index.html)
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I Give BJJs
12/08/2002 6:34pm,

12/08/2002 10:34pm,
My agency uses this and similiar (Redman) gear....It is good for scenerio based training. It would amaze you how many cops can kick and punch the crap out of a bag but when it comes to delivering a full power strike to a real person they hesitate....even when the person is another officer, wearing this gear.

This gear is good for helping a person to develop an aggressive attitude and train them to attack at the first sign of an assault on them. Of course some people can never be trained to be aggressive enough.

It is relatively good for full contact fighting but it does somewhat limit mobility. It presents a bit of a problem for ground fighting....When you grab the person, you are actually grabbing the gear and it comes off easily.

Yes, people can develop bad habits using this gear but I try to always correct any bad habits I see. As far as that goes, you can watch the students fight, identify any bad habits they already have and then train them past that.

Mainly I like using the gear when I train officers to show them how far of shape most of them are and how important cardiovascular conditioning is.....The normal officer is usually toast after about the 20 - 30 second mark into the fight wearing this gear.

Like any other piece of equipment, this stuff has its good and bad points. The key is to identify how to best use the gear.

gong sau
12/09/2002 4:01am,
Great. Thanks for the input, Lawpilot. It's good to hear from someone with experience with this kind of full body "armour". Interesting comments on some of the pros/cons and specific useage.

First, I'm gonna hit ya...then your gonna fall