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Doc Herb
7/02/2019 1:11am,
Having studied both plus Mcsweeney's Kenpo they are all good but Ed Parker's system is more thought out ,has exact definitions,will appeal to Amrricans due to its ' sciencetific explanations,uses vectors, physics ,and extremely well organized system of instruction.
I have also studied FMA, Japanese Jiu jitsu, and now am studying Pangilpur Silat with Kai Lewis, (who is the only American ), sanctioned to teach in America Celep Rathman. Pangilpur Silat is a mixture of six other s
Silat systems and is extremely interesting. I must say having spent many years in Parker's system of Kenpo helped me understand and explain numerous systems of martial arts more easily.
In summary, the best system is a excellent Instuctor,who is dedicated to help you understand what is being taught and realized that their are a number of great systems and ultimately dedicated systems. One style may be better for someone than another and if one keeps an open mind you will eventually find out what works for you as well as finding a supportive enviroment/ friends. H
Good luck and enjoy your journey of discovery.
Respectfully, Dr. Herb

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Holy Moment
7/03/2019 9:52pm,
In summary, the best system is a excellent Instuctor,

I disagree. Sub-par instructors tend to produce better students, in my opinion.

Sam Browning
7/08/2019 8:41am,
I have not studied either, but the Tracy's were among Ed Parker's first black belts, and my impression was that they left his supervision with an early version of his Kempo system, and then Parker decided he wanted to add Kung Fu as he could to his system, evolving his system in a different direction. The Tracys also were better martial arts school managers then Parker having built a large chain of schools under their direct supervision, something Ed, never could do.

7/08/2019 9:40am,
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7/08/2019 11:59am,
I think EPAK "science" was an attempt to create a paradigm whose jargon made their system of karate look entirely scientific and rational. In retrospect, its a bit like looking at the scientific world through the lens of alchemy- fine observation for its time, but dated and sometimes incorrect to the modern eye. As alchemists can point to glass and alcohol as proof that what they did works, kempo guys can point to Keith Hackney and Chuck Liddel, but both groups can also needlessly hold themselves back by not accepting what has happened since their books were written.