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5/27/2004 7:16am,
So here's a few people who seem to have dropped off the planet but were legends in their time (the gracies of their age):

Benny 'the jet' Urquidez
Bill 'superfoot' wallace
Bob 'thunder' thurman
Dan Inosanto
Jean Yves-Theriault
Howard Jackson
Don 'the dragon' Wilson

so anyone know whats become of them?

5/27/2004 7:19am,
Superfoot does seminars I think.

5/27/2004 7:20am,
Dude! Just pick up any copy of Black Belt mag and it will tell you what they are doing and just about all of them are still involved in films and conducting seminars around the country.

5/27/2004 7:22am,
Dan Inosanto - hmm let's see. He was in Speyer, Germany last weekend giving a seminar. You know, I think you might be able to find out more about him on his very own website . . .

www.insonanto.com or just type him name into Google. It's the first hit.

I pray you are smarter than this . . . .

Lady Vic
5/27/2004 7:22am,

He still teaches and trains. I've heard from people who've trained at his academy that it's excellent. My school is an affiliate of his. Erik Paulson teaches out of there, some Machados teach out of there. The list goes on and on.

5/27/2004 7:24am,
Ah yes - I see mr Inosanto is doing a lot of stick work with young blondes these days.

I can think of worse ways to retire.

Lady Vic
5/27/2004 7:27am,
The guys will appreciate this one, Tia Carrere trains there.

5/27/2004 7:30am,

5/27/2004 7:32am,
You know - the Asian bird out of Wayne's World.

5/27/2004 7:44am,
Oh, her.

She wasn't particularly hot in Wayne's World. Or am I alone in this?

Box Blast K.O.
5/27/2004 7:47am,
Inosanto is everywhere man, he's in just about every magazine and all over the net, aswell as having a very busy seminar timetable + videos etc.

5/27/2004 7:51am,
More than anything - I'm interested in hearing about how these guys have reacted to the MMA revolution.

Do they ackowledge it or do they say the good ol days were better? The only person I've seen recently was Don Wilson guest commentating on king of the cage and saying that no one had ever been able to take him down to the ground in a street fight. I guess he doesn't think that highly of grappling from his statement.

5/27/2004 7:55am,
Well "Don" is a bit on the stupid side.

I believe Inosanto has a BJJ black belt, not 100% on that though.

5/27/2004 7:56am,
ughhh . . . do some research . . .

Lady Vic
5/27/2004 8:00am,
Mr. Inosanto thinks MMA is a good thing.

5/27/2004 10:08am,
Originally posted by Beavis
Oh, her.

She wasn't particularly hot in Wayne's World. Or am I alone in this?

I'd generally agree, but when she was singing near the end in that red dress, and when she was in the bikini in the alternative ending - hot diggety!

Didn't think too much of her in True Lies, though. And she's probably getting on a bit now.

What was this thread about, again?