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Silky Johnson
5/25/2004 2:34pm,
Some people belive that Boxing is bullshido when put up against Martial Arts due to the lack of feet. I see it differently. As a boxer, granted I have martial experience, I can say that the addition of feet isn't anything new.
I think most boxers have more ring time than most martial artist. Therefore, feel more comforable in the squared ring. Then again it depends on the person and who is training them.

I'd like your opinions on boxers. Have you ever fought one? Did he do well?

5/25/2004 2:40pm,
I have sparred and trained with a boxer, once he got out of the habit of bobbing a weaving he was quite accomplished. I think boxing is very useful art to take up if your art focuses on leg techniques (muay thai, tkd etc.)
I dont do boxing, i'm not sure but it seemed to enhance his training

5/25/2004 2:54pm,
Boxing owns 90% of MA out there.

5/25/2004 2:57pm,
So does a medium sized blunt object.

5/25/2004 3:01pm,
"So does a medium sized blunt object."

It's so true, who needs decades of dedicated training, both the mind and body when a medium sized blunt object does the trick

5/25/2004 3:05pm,
Originally posted by Stold3
So does a medium sized blunt object.
Why did you have to bring in my private parts in this discussion?

Silky Johnson
5/25/2004 3:14pm,
ah, but the medium blunt object obviously looses to two medium blunt objects.

5/25/2004 3:15pm,
Now this is getting ghey

5/25/2004 3:18pm,
Boxers are ussually excelent fighters.

but the reason is the same as it is for anyhting else. If you train to fight by fighting you'll eventually be able to fight.

5/25/2004 3:20pm,
Some nice 'stating the obvious' right there

5/25/2004 3:21pm,
But it is something that most martial artists don't get.

5/25/2004 3:24pm,
yeah most MAist don't get it and when someone ask a question that has an obvious answer you gotta give to them

5/25/2004 3:25pm,
i think boxers are great at what they do. the exclusion of feet/kicks doesn't make it bullshido, footwork and hands are merely all the art encompasses. If boxing CLAIMED to be a complete art, or that kicks are useless, that would be another story. Just like jujitsu chooses to focus on grappling, and escrima focuses on weapons, everything is specialized.

5/25/2004 3:27pm,
How else can you train to fight?

Silky Johnson
5/25/2004 3:27pm,
Heres the follow-up:

How much sparring does everyone do weekly? Do you feel it is enough?

5/25/2004 3:32pm,
three to four times, two of which will be challenging, TKD sparring is pretty dull (damn you light contact!) but the full contact sessions are always challenging.

Hell, it's not nearly enough!