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10/03/2018 8:15pm,
See tkbk_weebly_com. I honestly do not know what to make of it. Corresponding YouTube site appears to be www_youtube_com/user/JERRYND.

Some of these folks appear to be earnest & well meaning. But some techniques and ukemi appear to involve...leaping?

Truthfully, I have not watched every minute of every video, so maybe I'm missing something legit?

Oh, lest I forget, there's this gent. Runs a Buddhist temple and something that looks like a Catholic church. Note the still photos of someone in Buddhist monk garb waving a sword and a stick at tkbk_weebly-com/doju-josh-paszkiewicz.html

10/09/2018 5:36am,
What exactly is your problem with what you have seen?

It looks to be a typical re branded mish mash of TMA.

Which in fairness they do appear to claim that it is exactly that.

12/19/2018 6:54am,
MABS -------------> YMAS does not meet MABS standards.

2/04/2019 11:22am,
Too long, sorry.