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Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 1:09pm,
Anybody who's interested I'll be holding a 3 hour leg lock seminar in Pasadena this Saturday. I know, short notice and all. I don't know what they'll be charging but I say more the merrier. PM me if you would like to come and participate or just watch.

5/24/2004 1:38pm,

Man, I wish I was there. :(

deus ex machina
5/24/2004 1:40pm,

Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 1:47pm,
I'll be holding the Seminar with Herb Dean's group 11am.
Villa Parke Community Center
363 East Villa Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

I'll be going over beginning to intermediate level leg locks including approaches.

5/24/2004 2:01pm,
OoooOO i'm down south right now. but the time? and price if possible?

Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 2:03pm,
If price is a problem don't worry about it. Time is 11am this Saturday.

5/24/2004 2:05pm,
Why, I'll just book myself $1000+ dollar ticket to come out there...yessirree!


I hate my job. I want California back dammit!

5/24/2004 2:05pm,
I wish I was in Cali. If I need work on anything, it's leg locks.

Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 2:08pm,
Well I might be in Dallas, Texas in August I'll let you guy know. We'll have a nice little throwdown.

5/24/2004 2:11pm,
Wish I could. I doubt I'd be ably to just watch withoug trying them, and I can't afford to reinjure myself. Will you be holding seminars regularly?

Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 2:18pm,
I hold 3 a year usually. Last year was big I held 7.

sshhhhhh, I even have video tapes that I'm ashamed of.

5/24/2004 2:26pm,
hell, i'm down

Meat Shake
5/24/2004 2:38pm,
Be sure to post if you are comming to texas, Ill make the drive for some good ground work.

Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 3:31pm,
Not a problem.

5/24/2004 3:50pm,
Yeah, I might be up for a trip to Dallas around then too!

Omega Supreme
5/24/2004 4:36pm,
Originally posted by Anthony

Man, I wish I was there. :(

Why do you get a cool title like that?