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5/23/2004 4:27pm,
how many fo you have such reflexes that if someone walks up to your face and starts talking **** and when they try sucker punching you in the nose you automatically move your head out of the way while your arms are down to your pants? Or when your sitting down someone walks up to you and tries hitting or touching your face and you automatically move out of the way?

5/23/2004 4:34pm,
sorry to say i dont live in fear, so i dont know if I have this reflex

5/23/2004 4:38pm,
If someone is in my face talking ****, I just knee their nuts in. No fuss, no muss.

5/23/2004 4:45pm,
people don't randomly hit me. maybe i lead an odd life

5/23/2004 4:50pm,
IF I were as stupid and gay as KI I would worry about random people hitting me in the face as well.

5/23/2004 5:19pm,
the reason I ask is because I train in MT and boxing sometimes and when I spar and put my hands up I can deflect, cover and parry punches quite easily. But when someone is in my face or think I'm about to get hit by a guy in the corner or if my brother is near me or whatever I tend to flinch and iether exagerrate a reflex or block even though they aren't gonna hit me or don't do anything and get hit. SO what kind of reflexes do you have to have to be able to just automatically move your head out of the way without even using your hands or having your arms up, and not knowing when and if they will strike? This is useful especially in bars and places where testostorone is high.

5/23/2004 5:22pm,
Blah, blah strangler.

5/23/2004 5:25pm,
Dude, change your fucking sig size. I will be the voice of MANHOOD here where others have asked you numerous times politly to change it, I will call you a mental midgit and use small words so you can understand.

Cha-ane-geh Yu-or Sig seh-ze

5/23/2004 5:30pm,
1. get rid of those quotes, they take up to much fucking room

2. those reflexes are natural, your first reflex should be not to put yourself in that position. most of the time you will see that haymaker coming a mile away so you should have no problems moving away from the punch.

5/23/2004 5:36pm,
true but that is if they have a distance away from you. If they are literally in your face it could be a fraction of a second before they hit you. And some of them know how to throw straights. I knew a female (relative) that would slap me sometimes in the side of the face and I could never move my head before she did it (also elemnt of surprise). This seems to bother me.

5/23/2004 5:44pm,
so basically you are getting smacked around by some girl and you cant move out of the way

so keep distance and put your hands at chest height in either prayer position or just cross them, that way its easier to cover up if you are about to be punched etc......

like i said the first step is not to put yourself in such a position, avoid that sort of situation

5/23/2004 6:16pm,
yes, i acquired that reflex after my second tour in 'nam.

Beneath Contempt
5/23/2004 6:46pm,
I won't degrade myself to post on this retarded topic.

Beneath Contempt
5/23/2004 6:47pm,

5/23/2004 6:52pm,
so if someone randomly came up to you and threw a punch would you be able to move out of the way?

5/23/2004 6:55pm,
Originally posted by Jenfucius
yes, i acquired that reflex after my second tour in 'nam.

that was so not funny.