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Toby Christensen
5/22/2004 9:26pm,
Often in my tangential ravings I've said that the martial arts in my city (Brisbane, Australia) are a cultural wasteland, ripe for Mcdojos and full of 99.99% Asian schools, a fair proportion of them ****.

An update on Bullshido affairs in my little world

1. My Canadian friend is still learning "kung fu" (snigger)
2. My former neighbour has made statements like "I thought martial arts came from the East" and "How can any form of wrestling be superior to the martial arts?"

Now my cousin, a 190cm 110kg former Mormon has told me tales of a Zen master who can overpower people with two fingers on their sternum.

Where does the bullshit end?

5/22/2004 9:29pm,
It ends when you shoot them all with an AK-47. Or M-16. Or a TOMMY GUN! Whichever appeals to you most. You're doing the slaughtering after all!

Toby Christensen
5/22/2004 10:33pm,
They don't rate as any of the people I wish to shoot

P.S. Guns are VERY hard to come by in Australia

5/22/2004 10:44pm,
Well then poison them, I guess...

5/22/2004 11:10pm,
Here is a thought : get laid

Toby Christensen
5/23/2004 12:14am,
I appreciate your concern for my reproductive rights Deluxe247, but decent women are in short supply

5/23/2004 9:54am,
i second that

5/23/2004 5:41pm,
you make a valid point. Have you tried masturbation?

Beneath Contempt
5/23/2004 7:03pm,
So who needs help, these other people, or yourself?

What's the story with prostitution in Australia, anyway? Legal? In brothels? Is it expensive? Are they all foreign? Let's hear it.

Darting Fingers
5/23/2004 8:35pm,
Yeah its legal, plenty of south east asian girls. Brothels in alot of suburbs, in the city etc. prices can vary, about $110 for 1/2 hour.

5/23/2004 11:44pm,
most hookers i see are all jumies dirty shriveled up junkies

5/23/2004 11:46pm,
Hey, come to Buenos Aires!
Brothels and prostitution is legal, and it rates about us$15 an hour!

5/23/2004 11:48pm,
The best thing about Australia, in regards to the female situation: is that all the fat and ugly chicks stay at home and eat and talk on the internet, while all the sweet women are out enjoying themselves.

Hot women in Australia are everywhere.. It's like every woman you see when you are out is hot. (I'm talking about Tasmania, anyway - dunno about the 'mainland')

5/23/2004 11:51pm,
Angry Spastic you might want to check out Kyokushin up there in Brisbane. From what I hear in my new found martial art there are a couple of good hardcore dojo's up there. I haven't seen any of them personally but they come recommended so check them out.

P.s First and foremost your a martial artist. Maturbation can wait.

5/23/2004 11:53pm,
Or make a MA out of Masturbation.

Angry Spastic, 10th dan in Wank-jutsu.
How's that?
(I'm currently trying for my 6th dan)

Psycho Dad
5/23/2004 11:56pm,
Originally posted by Jolly_Roger
Or make a MA out of Masturbation.

Angry Spastic, 10th dan in Wank-jutsu.
How's that?
(I'm currently trying for my 6th dan)

Kinda puts new meaning to the term "Flying Fists of Fury" doesn't it?