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Sicilian Dragon
5/22/2004 6:09am,
I thought Ellis Amdur's recent blog about Kurowia was interesting. Here is a sample:

He was a masterful infighter, specializing in a short jab, a tight right cross, but more than that, a beautiful upper cut and hook. He essentially took every aikido technique and used the "tracks" of the hook and upper to "hang" every aikido technique. Between jobs, he'd rush to honbu dojo in mid-afternoon and work out with the other deshi and friends between morning and evening classes- rather than a class of his own, it was his laboratory.

The whole article is here:


There were a few people on the board working on some new training methodologies with Ellis Amdur - any updates/videos ?


5/22/2004 6:18am,
A seasoned boxer is exactly the type of person that Aikido can work for. In fact - it is just about one of the only types. Boxing gives you a great instinctive combat awareness - not to mention a solid striking game. Using Aikido as the grappling base, though not an orthodox method (no pun intended) would certainly allow a boxer to deal with potential grappling threats.

5/22/2004 7:22am,
I read about an underground vale tudo event where the winner of the tournament was a huge aikidoka/boxer.

5/22/2004 7:24am,
Chaos: that was ME!

Te No Kage!
5/22/2004 7:26am,
Was his name Frank Dux by any chance?

5/22/2004 7:27am,
Sorry KFC... he was black. lol

5/22/2004 7:27am,
Kage: Now THAT's a low blow.

5/22/2004 7:28am,
btw: I AM black. Can't you tell in my av?

5/22/2004 7:31am,
Hmm... Are you an albino black person...?

5/22/2004 7:34am,
Chaos - no. I'm only black when I play the blues. I'm totally white when it comes to Metal. :)

Te No Kage!
5/22/2004 7:35am,
I'm sorry it's just when you use the words: "underground", "aikidoka", "vale tudo", and "winner" I tend to get a little suspicious, it's my ninja senses telling me to be wary of flying bullshit

5/22/2004 7:51am,
Yes I know what you mean. It could have been bullshit. But it sounded legit. I wonder if I could find it again... And if I found it on this bullshido in the first place.

5/22/2004 8:17am,
Originally posted by Te No Kage!
I'm sorry it's just when you use the words: "underground", "aikidoka", "vale tudo", and "winner" I tend to get a little suspicious, it's my ninja senses telling me to be wary of flying bullshit

I know what you mean but he already had a WC guy defeat a BJJ guy in a MMA event. We verified it by talking to the BJJ guy, a soldier stationed here who I still talk to occasionaly.

5/22/2004 8:28am,
"my ninja sense"


"Wait guys, I have the power to see into the future, only better than Kyle."

Not to bash, but as Aikido is just a stripped down, pacifist version of JJJ, wouldn't it make more sense to go to the source?

5/22/2004 9:09am,
Good point. It would make even more sense to do a modern form of JJ.

5/22/2004 9:14am,
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