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10/25/2017 4:09am,
Nusubito: Japanese archaic word for burglar.

For all the years Hatsumi has been claiming ninja, he didn't even get close to Ishikawa Goemon's hem. His contemporary, on the other hand did:


For eight years the Japanese city of Osaka has been plagued from the shadows by thief known only as the 'Ninja of Heisei'.
Striking under cover of darkness, the black-clad bandit is thought to have stolen £200,000 worth of goods in more than 200 daring robberies which started in 2009.
But now police believe they have unmasked the stealthy criminal - as 74-year-old Mitsuaki Tanigawa who took to a life of crime because he did not want to work.

Detectives had been left frustrated with their efforts to catch the ninja before now, as their only leads were CCTV images of a figure dressed all in black.Footage revealed the figure running athletically along the tops of walls and squeezing through tight spaces, leading them to believe they were looking for a young man.
Their search only led them to dead-ends, until they caught a lucky break in July this year when the thief slipped up, Asahi.com reports.
A rare piece of CCTV showed the ninja lowering his black mask away from his face, providing the first real clue as to his identity.

Detectives eventually managed to follow the ninja's route back to an abandoned apartment building from which he launched his raids.
Police believe Tanigawa would travel to the building from his home in another part of the city, before slipping into his outfit and carrying out his night-time raids in the Higashiosaka neighbourhood.
Tanigawa was arrested and on October 19 police linked him to the ninja thefts.
He is currently charged with stealing £180 from an electrical goods store, though investigators expect more charges to be filed.
Speaking from custody, Tanigawa said: 'I did not want to work and theft is quicker. I thought I would never be caught.
'I am defeated,' he added.

​All those ninja scrolls probably never mentioned something like the CCTV...

10/25/2017 4:14am,
This is some real ninja **** right here.

10/25/2017 4:47am,
Most of the Ninja's I've seen would be too fat and unfit to pull a stunt like this

10/25/2017 5:50am,
That's pretty badass. I don't encourage theft, but if you're a septuagenarian Hollywood cat burglar, go you.

10/25/2017 5:59am,
And he even upheld the chief virtues of modern day ninja teachers: being equal parts lazy and larcenous.

10/25/2017 10:40am,
“I am defeated.” That’s... genius.

He should open a ninja school. That way he still doesn’t have to work and he can fleece foreigners by handing out belts like candy, for a price of course.

The business model is well established.

10/26/2017 8:54am,
“I am defeated.” That’s... genius.

If he was samurai, that announcement would have resulted in seppuku. But he's ninja, so he's excused.