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12/05/2002 5:43pm,
It's icing outside, the power is out, I've got a laptop with an hour and nine minutes left on it, I can't toast waffles because there isn't any power, my brother has gone into a state of retardation due to the lack of power, I want to play Counter Strike but I don't have enough power on the laptop, my brother has begun to eat ice sickles, and there are trees falling everywhere. Anyone want to help me and get me an emergency evacuation to Florida or something. Preferable a condo on the beach if you can.

12/05/2002 8:55pm,
I feel you. I just moved from Cali and it freaking SNOWED on Halloween.

12/07/2002 10:52pm,
So what??? It should be snowing on halloween.

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12/08/2002 6:17am,
Damn that sucks dude, wish I could help...I'm in Arizona, it's only warm, warmer & hot...today the lows were maybe, 70? Sunny..
Wish I could share some of it with you guys!!

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