View Full Version : How do you deal with thirsty people trying to flirt with others in the gym?

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9/28/2017 12:51am,
Yea and yet whom among us is the most depraved?

Looking at you BFM.

I have money on Submessenger getting the title.



9/28/2017 1:29am,
Obviously, just try to pull them to the side and talk to them. lol.

I've been to a fair amount of gyms and usually this isn't a big deal (in my experience) but I just wonder how instructors would deal with it? I've dated a lady at my gym once a few years ago but it was so subtle and just came naturally.

I'm really talking about the type of people who uncomfortably try to flirt with someone of the opposite sex during or after training?

Anyone deal with this? this is mostly a gym owner issue but it could potentially make other gym mates uncomfortable.

Usually I just have sex with her if she's flirting with me. I mean, ****, that never happens.

big maclol
9/28/2017 1:53am,
OP = Cock blocker

I swear I'm not!

Lol I just noticed awkward moments with this in a few gyms. I'm along the lines of "You guys are adults, do what you want" but I've talked to fighters (mostly women) who deal with annoying guys who show up just to flirt with them

big maclol
9/28/2017 1:54am,
On that note, I guess I'm just not hip anymore, but what does 'thirsty' mean in this context?

Haha, thirsty is pretty much someone who acts needy/desperate for sex and isn't smooth. Their Aura reeks of "I can't get laid but I'll follow this chick around the gym and text her every 3 minutes even when she ignores me"

It's mostly someone who is creepy (but not always, I've been thirsty before.)

11/25/2017 11:01pm,
There's this Muay Thai gym near my job with some fine looking ladies sweating in it. Been thinking about stopping by to spit some wing Chun game at them and show my hairy chest. However, I don't want to get kicked to pieces by 90 pound women with three months' experience.

I have no idea how you spelled all those words wrong, but I fixed 'em for you.

11/26/2017 3:38pm,
You misunderstand, Sir. I'm not going to be initiating any violence, I don't want to hurt the females training. I'm merely going to do some fast sets of chain punches, work up a nice sweat doing my siu nim tao, and maybe put my Wu sau out there a bit. Then when I get the women's attention I'll ask them to my place for a drink .. or whatever.


11/27/2017 6:05am,
There's no flirting in my gym. We skip past the bullshit. Rolling is pretty much foreplay.

11/27/2017 7:05am,
The hottest chick at our gym is dating the coach who would kill the mother fucker who hits on her.

it is a system that has worked pretty well so far.

Sri Hanuman
11/27/2017 4:16pm,
My gym is my garage. If I flirt its usually in front of a mirror. While playing Good Bye Horses. It keeps the Qi strong.

11/28/2017 9:27am,
But suppose a wing Chun man rolled up and got her attention with a demo of his combat skills?

if a demo of wing chun man can get her attention, sure it ill get the coach's attention as well.

but compared to a DEMO, nothing beats getting people's attention better than the ACTION of spanking and raping the ass of said wing chun man, especially using severn's technique.

11/28/2017 1:35pm,
I disagree, Sir. Defeating sport fighters is a wing Chun Kung Fu specialty. We just don't play by their RULES.

"Ah-ha! By knocking me unconscious, you have violated the spirit of w/ving chun! I am the victor, by way of your shameful disqualification! I'm sure you will be lectured by your guidance counselor. Has anyone found my teeth?"

11/28/2017 2:57pm,
You misunderstand, Sir. I'm not going to be initiating any violence

Why would we expect you to initiate something that you are wholly unfamiliar with?

11/28/2017 7:02pm,
But suppose a wing Chun man rolled up and got her attention with a demo of his combat skills?

as if a wing chun man knows how to roll