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Ali Karim
9/24/2017 8:59am,
In response to Thread about "Fake JKD Club" by West Bud (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=126311).

I Also Have information about Fake Wing Chun Club from Indonesia. Here is their silly promotional videos:



Those scammers are the same guys who make fake JKD club called "Jet Kun Do Shao Lin Kung Fu Indonesia".

1. Self-created Karate bootleg techniques.
2. Self-designed Taekwondo bootleg Dobog uniform.
3. Self-created hilarious "Kata" techniques.
4. And every BS which are nothing to do with real Wing Chun, real Jeet Kune Do, or even any Shaolin or Wushu.

9/24/2017 12:02pm,
Sure, it looks pretty terrible, but then again real chun looks just as silly so...

Hard to get worked up about.