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5/21/2004 9:29am,
We would like to recognize you with appropriate titles for identification purposes.

Please send me a Private Message with your full name and school (preferably school website), or full name and link to fight event record or other suitable means of verification.


5/21/2004 1:59pm,
I'm just an assistant instructor. Damnit.. What about being recognised as a Guitar Legend??

5/21/2004 2:16pm,
Subjective titles are covered by the custom title feature. :)

5/21/2004 2:18pm,
i smell something rotten here... are you trying to turn bullshido into 'real bullshido' by cooking up some crap phrost?


5/21/2004 2:43pm,
Don't know what you mean. We're trying to recognize and bring into the forefront the experience and knowledge base we have here.

5/21/2004 2:46pm,
alas, i am merely a student!

i think they should post the experience on this thread. im sure you will lots of shenanigans!

5/21/2004 3:21pm,
And those of us who's adventures were long ago ???
Do they still count ?

Sam Browning
5/21/2004 3:40pm,
Phrost, I think you should give Fernando, a line for being a BJJ Brown Belt, they're pretty rare.

Bard of DorAr
5/21/2004 3:51pm,
Have to agree with Sammual about Fernando.

And a nod to Colin. Think the measure here on the instructor side should be "Do you teach, and does what you teach ACTUALLY teach what you claim it does?"

Rather or not your the head man of your school doesn't really enter that.

5/21/2004 9:23pm,
Phrost.. subjective? arghh.. lol

5/21/2004 9:24pm,
Truth be known - I guess I would rather be thought of as a sport fighting guitar legend, (which I am) than an assistant Aikido Instructor (the only art I actually teach). Damn, that just sounds lame.

5/21/2004 10:51pm,
Originally posted by Samuel Browning
Phrost, I think you should give Fernando, a line for being a BJJ Brown Belt, they're pretty rare.

I agree. Brown in BJJ is IMO equivalent to a 3rd Dan in other arts as far as experience and profeciency in the art goes.

5/22/2004 5:43am,
Phrost.. 3rd dan in other arts? Heh.. Not in Judo. :)

5/22/2004 12:50pm,
In several arts, yes. In all arts, no.

5/22/2004 5:31pm,
You need my info? Or is this for the title I already have?

5/22/2004 8:16pm,
Already got it.