View Full Version : Cheap, nice MMA gloves. (also some shorts) Any opinions?

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5/20/2004 1:18pm,
I've heard these feel like the Ouano UFC gloves, and for $25 shipped per pair I haven't seen a better deal. Has anyone tried them?

They've also got fight shorts for $18 and Thai shorts (sold out for now) for $13.



5/20/2004 1:20pm,
Also, the site says custom labeling is available. Anyone for Bullshido.com gloves?

5/20/2004 1:23pm,
Bullshido gloves would rage!

5/20/2004 1:27pm,
Txmma stuff is awsome. The thai shorts rock aswell as the gloves. The shipping is fast too. Best gear dealer I have delt with yet. The owner also posts all the time on sherdog to get input on future products.

5/20/2004 1:28pm,
Oh the reason they feel like the Ouano is because he buys them from the same glove maker that makes Ouanos.

5/20/2004 2:14pm,
the gloves are similar to the ouanos but not as nice, i have the KOTC ouano gloves and they are excellent, i dont wear the VT shorts, not my style but i would sport their thai shorts

the fairtex mma gloves are excellent as well

5/20/2004 4:19pm,
I just got some grappling gloves from the Ringside Catalog #GRAP. If you reference the "XA" Catalog its Buy One Get One Free.

($39 a pair)

Offer ends June 21, 2004!

5/20/2004 8:09pm,
Man what I would do for a pair of Bullshido gloves to spar mcdojo students.

5/20/2004 8:53pm,
They should say "My martial art sucks" in raised letters across the knuckles so it leaves an imprint when you punch someone in the face.

5/20/2004 11:00pm,
I ordered a pair today, I'll let you know how they turn out.

5/20/2004 11:03pm,
You can fit into the smalls? Bastard!! Ive been wanting some new ones but I got to wait on the next run.

5/20/2004 11:47pm,
Yeh, according to their size chart I can. Not that I have anyone to use them on at the moment, but it's good to be prepared.

5/21/2004 1:03am,
Nah, bunyip, save it for the Gi.

Bullshido should also offer brass knuckles that say Pwn3d! backwards...

5/25/2004 1:04am,
Just an update: I got my gloves today and they feel good. They are new and a bit stiff but I'm already looking for a head to break them in for me. Other than that are comfortable and fit well. And you can't beat that kind of shipping time for 5 bucks.

5/25/2004 1:34am,
Nice. Give us an update once you've hit someone with them. I'm tempted to get a couple pairs...

5/25/2004 5:43am,
Hey guys... it's Paul/Arclight from TXMMA, cool to see my gear here on Bullshido of all places...lol

Anyway the big differences between my gloves and those from John Ouano are basically these:

1. Ouano gets the shinier leather.

2. I have piping around the holes so you dont get the irritation from the doublestitch reinforcement that you have on the Ouanos if you're training for extended periods.

3. I have about 30-40% more velcro contact area inside the wrist, so the wristwrap hooks up very, very solid.

Unfortunately people cleaned me out on my last shipment so I wont have more for another month and a half or so.

Pooch at SFUK is supposed to update his glove reviews with my gloves as well as a few others, but he is behind on it right now.

Anyway definitely post what you think. My objective is to basically bring people gear without the Bullshido markups the other guys charge. I try to bring people the best value on each item I sell.