View Full Version : Poll for purple belts and up regarding small joint injuries

5/20/2017 9:13pm,
Just trying to get a good idea for small joint dislocations for purple belts and up.
So, not just minor strains but where there​ was a dislocation.
Furthermore, how have you been nursing your injuries?
In my ten years of grappling or so I have only dislocated my right pinky. It was pretty gnarly and bent like the letter Z. I immediately set it.
Been taping it up when I roll.
I've started rock climbing and that seems to be really helping my hands. I'm a massage therapist so that's pretty important to me.
Anyways thanks for the input, hopefully we can get a good discussion going and bring up some science later on

Kung-Fu Joe
6/11/2017 3:33pm,
In ten years, I've never dislocated or broken a finger or toe in BJJ. I've certainly had other injuries, and I've swollen the **** out of my fingers after intensive grip work, though.

12/03/2017 4:55pm,
Yeah, no finger or toe injuries from BJJ either.

Never liked the idea of "grip fighting." Theres too much fighting involved....