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3/15/2017 6:25am,
1. There are two forms of boxing – amateur and professional.

2. It is supervised by a referee over a series of between one to three minute intervals called rounds

3. Boxing as a sport dates back to ancient Greeks who made it part of Olympic games as early as 688 BC.

4. Onomastos Smyrnaios is the first winner in Olympic boxing of ancient Greek.

5. Boxing is also called pugilism.

6. Amateur boxing is an Olympic sport since its introduction in the 1904 Summer Olympic Games.

7. In Ancient Greek culture, the god, Apollo, was regarded as the inventor and guardian of the sport of boxing.

8. Archie Moore holds the record for most knockouts during a career — a staggering 141.

9. The result is decided when an opponent is deemed incapable to continue match by a referee or if an opponent is disqualified for breaking a rule, resigning by throwing in a towel, or by judges’ scorecards at the end of the bout.

10. The most prolific boxer in history was Great Britain’s Len Wickwar who, between 1928 and 1947, fought 463 bouts. He also holds the records for the most wins (336) and most losses (127) of any boxer.

11. George Foreman has made more money selling his grills than for his boxing career in which he was a 2-time heavyweight champion.

12. The record for most first round KO’s is held by Wilfred Benitez.

13. The most heavyweight title defenses is 25 by Joe Louis.

14. The youngest boxer to win a title is Wilfred Benitez at 17.

15. Boxing gloves are actually more dangerous and result in more deaths than bareknuckle boxing. In fact, gloves were introduced into boxing not for safety reasons, but to increase hits to the head and dramatic knockouts.

16. In 1949, an official boxing match between a bear and a man was held. The bear won.

17. Hall of Fame boxer Sugar Ray Robinson backed out of a fight because he had a dream that he was going to kill his opponent in the ring. After a priest and minister convinced Robinson to fight, Robinson went into the ring and killed his opponent, Jimmy Doyle.

18. Ronda Rousey, UFC Women’s bantamweight champion, claims that having a lot of sex before a match is good for female fighters because it boosts testosterone levels.

19. Boxer John Heenan got his ass handed to him so badly in an 1860 bare knuckle boxing match that they hired an artist to capture his rearranged face in oil.

20. Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali reportedly went two months without sex before a big fight, claiming it made him unbeatable in the ring.

3/15/2017 9:26pm,
21. Pre queensberry rules. Bare knuckle boxing had no round limits or round times. After a knock down a new 'round' started. Some fights going up to 75 rounds.

Dr. Gonzo
3/15/2017 9:33pm,
I enjoy reading older books on boxing, turn of the century or older, but also the whole 1900's too.
And catch as catch can, rough and tumble, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, etc.
Some people think UFC style matches were more prevalent in Brazil than the US over the past 100 years.
Probably wrong.
The United States has a long history of holding such matches, across its entire history, particularly before television made pro wrestling turn the ratio of matches to really favor more of a soap opera and acrobatics show than real matches.
Similarly in Brazil televised bloody Vale Tudo matches often resulted in pull back from Brazilian wealthy class and politicians to get them off the circuit for years at a shot.
The UFC in the United States cause a resurgence of Vale Tudo and Jiu-Jitsu in the United States, in Brazil, and across the world, really.
The Sheik made submission grappling popular again by offering big prizes for no gi submission wrestling.
And similarly, the Carlos Gracie Jr led IBJJF made non-striking gi grappling very popular as a world wide sport.
And now submission only matches are coming back.
Everything seems to cycle in and out of fashion...

big maclol
3/16/2017 3:56pm,
You forgot a fact -

21. Wing Chun is more deadly than boxing

Eddie Hardon
4/13/2017 9:51am,
14. Ben Villaflor 17 years old when he won his World Title.

21. Spinning Back Fist was first used by George Chip v Al McCoy. He KO'd McCoy. Such a punch had not been seen before so it was outlawed and declared illegal. McCoy retained his title. It became known as the "Pivot Punch" so-called because it was executed by pivoting on the heel to spin around with a devastating Back Fist. This was early 1900s. Chip said that he'd learned it in the lumberjack camps when they fought for money. Many years later, as Mauy Thai became know, it showed itself to part of its repertoire.