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5/19/2004 2:16am,

5/19/2004 2:29am,
"Angelfire does not allow direct linking
from offsite, non-Angelfire pages,
to files hosted on Angelfire.
This practice of 'remote linking' reduces
our ability to serve out the homepages
of our members quickly and efficiently"

5/19/2004 2:33am,
You misspelt the url. Its here: www.angelfire.com/oz/romogracie/dimmak.rar (http://www.angelfire.com/oz/romogracie/dimmak.rar)

5/19/2004 2:36am,
W.T.F ......

5/19/2004 2:37am,
The dog ate your webpage. Yeah, that's it.
Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested. Please check the URL.

5/19/2004 2:37am,
No, hedgehogey's got it right. Right click, save as. Fairly entertaining, but I was hoping for some more asskicking. Anyone with a video camera live in the Chicago area?

5/19/2004 2:40am,
worked just fine for me. NO right click save as at all...

anyways, I barely heard anything at first because I was laughing at this fat idiot. Finally I quieted down and listened. It was hilarious how he tried to explain why his techniques "didn't work." hm. I just feel sorry for his students, who actually beleive they are learning something. Its kinda like the placebo effect, thats my guess anyways. They THINK the techniques work, and so when its performed on them they REACT like it actually did something, when in reality it didn't do a thing.

5/19/2004 2:47am,
I know... I went to google and typed this: www.angelfire.com/oz/romogracie and from the site typed dimmak.zip on the url bar. Go to www.angelfire.com/oz/romogracie

5/19/2004 2:49am,
I strongly recommend not visiting that website. I CLOSE MY EYES BUT I CAN STILL SEE THE SUCK!

5/19/2004 3:01am,
I cackled with glee and scared half the dorm.

My god this is so fucking perfect! We should send a bullshido thank you letter to that news team!

"They uh, they learn to translate these energies and uh.... uh, I think i will go cry now" A slight editorialization.

It feels beautiful to see justice done!

5/19/2004 3:02am,
Yeah learn to defend yourself with something that will only work on (he says) 40% of poulation and will not work against trained (full contact) people....

Ok so he teach you to death touch small kids and grandma's but you know in 0.0000001 % of attack cases those are the one to watch out for ;-)

5/19/2004 3:07am,
Im not getting ****, folks.

5/19/2004 3:20am,
Did you try right-click and save as?

5/19/2004 3:21am,
Tried that, I get a windows media file that I can't play for some reason. I'd be very surprised if I was missing a codec.

5/19/2004 3:23am,
Alright, I say Fox Chicago gets some sort of Bullshido award for that. Props for proving frauds in the MA world.

5/19/2004 3:27am,
****, I'm on crack, this requires realplayer doesnt it? I'm not touching that evil program. Got a quicktime or windows media version of this?