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12/04/2002 5:29am,
Peedee Shaolin (http://www.mcdojo.com/pop_profile.asp?mode=display&id=41)'s latest article explains his "Golden Rules of Martial Arts" (http://www.mcdojo.com/article_read.asp?id=103):

Seeing as how its my holy duty to remove such lowly creatures from the pit of their own ignorance I've decided to make a list of the Golden Rules of Traditional Martial Arts to help him along. In FACT, I'm going to make WORLD HISTORY today folks! I've discovered a NEW and SECRET art! Its actually thousands of years old and is TOTALLY effective...

Also, Vargas (http://www.mcdojo.com/pop_profile.asp?mode=display&id=883) composed an article explaining his thoughts on the Martial Arts and Real Fighting (http://www.mcdojo.com/article_read.asp?id=104):

First, some background so that some of this makes sense. Im a 32-year old major in the US Air Force, flying special operations helicopters for the US Special Operations Command (my aircraft is an MH-53M, if youre into that kind of thing). I had one year of high school wrestling experience (they fired the football/wrestling coach, sold the mats and gave the money to the basketball team), four years of intramural wrestling at the Air Force Academy and 10 hours of Air Force instruction in what was then called Unarmed Combat 101 (pretty much a joke in terms of training). Ive never worn a gi or trained in any of the traditional martial arts prior to June 2000...

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